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How To Remove Coffee Stain On Carpet?

A cup of coffee is essential for a very good morning as it amplifies the freshness of dawn. People of Singapore (the same is true for the entire world) have a habit of waking up with a cup of coffee. As it is so, the coffee surely doesn’t deserve a place like carpet. When you haven’t completely got up from bed, you may not even realise the where the coffee cup has been kept. Accidentally the coffee cup falls on the carpet. This is the story of coffee stain on carpet most of the most of the times. There are many other ways in which the carpet gets the coffee stains. At times, the cup of coffee falls from your hand and some other times kids spill coffee on the carpet. Whatever may be the cause of accident, you should always take action without leaving the stain like that. Here are some methods, suggestions, and tips to remove coffee stains from the carpet.


Some must follow steps to clean off the stain

* Don’t allow the coffee to spread all over or deep under

If you are at the coffee spilling accident site, your first job is to bring a paper towel. You just need to put the towel on the carpet where the coffee has been spilled. You should allow the paper towel to absorb the coffee. Don’t try to do all these hastily. You shouldn’t press the paper towel hard on the surface of the carpet. By doing so, you are giving coffee a chance to spread over the cross section and deep down under.

* Use the stain remover recommended for specific type of the material

Carpets are made of various materials. Most of the people in Singapore prefer the natural carpets. These carpets are either made of wood or many other fabrics. If you use any type of stain remover on these, these will get damaged. You need to be very careful about the antique pieces. You should always do research before taking any further step for removing the stain from the carpet. If you are not able to get anything after prolonged research, you should ask some experts who provide carpet cleaning service.


* Sprinkle water on the stain area

The correct practice of applying water is to sprinkle it on the area of the stain. If you don’t have such arrangement, you can use a cotton or liquid soaking cloth. When you use a sponge, you should have a bowl beside you. You should dip the sponge in the bowl and apply that over the stain. You need to be careful about bloating of the carpet. At times, the carpet shampoo can be very effective while removing coffee stain.

* It is essential to check how the remover reacts with your carpet

For the testing the effect of the stain remover on the carpet, you need to choose a place on the carpet which is not visible to anyone. After applying a little, you should wait for while. After standard reaction time, you need to see the effects. If there is no effect of the stain remover on the carpet, you get a green signal to apply that over the carpet. If the remover changes the colour of the carpet, then you should think yourself lucky as you didn’t use that without testing.

* It is the appropriate time now to apply the appropriate stain remover

When you have got clarifications on the stain remover you need to go ahead with it. You just need to use a clean and a dry cloth. Dip the cloth in the bowl full of mixture of the stain remover or water as directed. Then put that cloth over the carpet where the stain is there. You shouldn’t forget to apply pressure while using the stain remover. A spoon is the best tool to apply it over the stain to impart pressure on that.

Remove Stains

* You should repeat the above process keeping in mind not to let the stain spread

You can sprinkle the stain remover on the stain for the second time. You should be careful about not putting extra liquid on the carpet. Even if you have put extra liquid on the carpet, you should remove that with the help of the cloth. You should always remember to apply pressure a little bout you should not rub the place of the stain. It will not only spread by rubbing but also it will damage the fabrics of the carpet.

* It is time to dry the carpet

Before you think of drying the carpet, you should be pretty sure about the coffee stain. If it is gone, you can employ the drying procedures. Again you need to arrange a dry cloth or towel. You should allow the towel to soak water from the carpet. It is better to put a plastic bag over the liquid soaking towel. Then you need to put some heavy object on that. This process will expedite the drying process of the carpet. You should leave the carpet like that. After some time you need to take that towel off the carpet to check whether the stain has been removed or not. This is a stage where you can be able to know whether you need to employ any extra measures or not. If you see any possibility of the stain to reappear, you may take various different measures to save your caret from that.


Ammonia, vinegar, nail polish remover and many more are some of the best homemade stain removers to use. There is always huge difference between the way you employ the cleaning methods and the professionals do. If you wish your carpet to look the same as it was before you are advised not to experiment on your precious carpet. You are always free to take the help of the experts. The professionals don’t charge you the fees beyond the value of the carpet that has been stained by coffee. The best thing about the professionals is that they are very much experienced to handle such type of issues which you may find difficult to handle. At times, your intervention may ruin the carpet itself.

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