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Tips To Clean Your Office Carpet For Chinese New Year

Keeping the office carpet clean is vital. A dirty carpet is not only an eyesore, but can also pose health risks to all who use the office. Most people think that cleaning the office carpet is a tedious and tiresome job. However, this need not be the case for you. All you need are a few cleaning tips to maintain your office carpet and you are good to go. Here is how to go about cleaning your office carpet in Singapore:

Carpet Cleaning

1. Vacuum Often

One of the easiest ways to maintain a clean office carpet is to vacuum it often. You don’t necessarily have to clean every inch of the carpet daily, but doing it regularly will come with a number of benefits. For one thing, regular vacuuming gets rid of dust and dirt. This not only keeps respiratory problems at bay, but is actually good for the durability of your carpet. Sometimes, dirt does contribute to the wearing of a carpet. It can cause tears and generally make your carpet worn out. Secondly, vacuuming your carpet regularly makes it look good. Nothing spells clean better than vacuum lines zigzagging across a carpet.

To make the vacuuming easier, divide the office into three categories and vacuum them accordingly. The first category consists of high traffic areas. These are areas that are stepped on by a lot of people every single day, and would include such areas as the office entrance. Such areas need to be vacuumed on a daily basis. Then there are medium- traffic areas that can be vacuumed every two to three days. Finally there are low traffic areas that can be cleaned on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. With such a system in place, it will be easy for you to keep track of the dirt and keep the office carpet clean and fresh all the time.

2. Clean the Carpet Right

Other than regular vacuuming, you should also clean the carpet thoroughly every once in a while. There are a few methods to go about this. First, you can use carpet shampoo to get rid of dirt and grit on your carpet. All you have to do is pour the shampoo on your carpet, let the foam do its magic, wait for it to dry and then vacuum all the dirt away. Additionally, this is an economical carpet cleaning method which explains why it is popular in Singapore.

You can also use the foam method to clean your carpet. It is very much like the steam cleaning method, except that here, it is the foam from the shampoo that does all the cleaning. The rotating brush helps get dirt to the surface so that once the shampoo is dry, it can all be vacuumed away. You can also opt to use the dry powder cleaning method, which simply involves sprinkling the cleaning powder on the carpet, leaving it to do the cleansing and then vacuuming the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

Finally there is the steam cleaning method which completely gets rid of all the dirt on your carpet. The hot water used also sanitizes the carpet thus ensuring that there are no bacteria left on it. This is the best carpet deep cleaning method but which should only be done once every few months to avoid damaging the carpet.

3. Deal with Stains Quickly

One of the best ways to keep your office carpet looking clean all the time is to get rid of stains as soon as they occur. Letting the stains settle in makes it a lot harder to clean them. Certainly this will require the input of everyone in the office, which is why you should encourage employees to deal with spills as quickly as possible. Have carpet wipes at hand to make it easier for them to wipe spills off. Additionally, ask them to notify management of any stains they find on the carpets so that they can be taken care of in good time.

You can also make carpet cleaning a tad easier if you make use of rugs. This is especially helpful during the rainy season when there is plenty of mud outside. To prevent people from dragging the mud throughout your precious carpet, why not place rugs at the doors? This will minimize the amount of mud that gets into your office which in turns leads to less staining of the carpet.

4. Choose the Right Cleaning Company

Perhaps the most important way to make sure that you always have a clean office carpet is to work with a good cleaning company. You want to choose a reliable company that delivers on their promise. If you need a big stain taken care of urgently, will they show up to do it in good time? Can they make it to vacuum the carpet on a regular basis during after work hours? Do they do a thorough job? How convenient and hustle-free is it to work with them? Once you find the answers to these questions, you will know whether or not the company you are working with is the right company.

5. Choose the Right Carpet

Finally, make sure that your choice of carpet makes it easier to clean and generally maintain it. Very bright colors are a big no-no for office carpets. They are easily stained and cleaning them requires a lot of effort. Choose darker colors for your carpet as cleaning and maintenance is much easier with these. Patterned carpets are also easier to maintain than plain ones.

Carpet Cleaning

Additionally, make use of tiles in areas where a carpet is likely to become damp. Areas such as the office kitchen or bathrooms are better off having tiled floors rather than plush carpets. Tile is very easy to clean and it does not keep moisture, which is a real problem with carpets.


Having a clean office carpet may be essential, but it need not be hard. So long as you have a good cleaning system in place you should not have much trouble. Make sure that you get the carpet vacuumed often to keep dust and dirt at bay. Secondly, make it a habit to get stains dealt with promptly. This will save you plenty of ugly spots on your carpet. If you follow the office carpet cleaning tips shared above, you should not have a hard time maintaining your carpet in top shape.

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