Carpet Steam Cleaning Services - Steam Cleaning vs Hot Water Extraction
Carpet Steam Cleaning Services – Steam Cleaning vs Hot Water Extraction

Looking for carpet steam cleaning or hot water extraction service in Singapore? Steam Cleaning vs Hot Water Extraction: Which Is Better for Carpets? When modern homeowners hear the words “steam cleaning,” they are likely thinking of a practice that isn’t commonly used anymore. Hot water extraction is the name of the game for carpet cleaning.

Many might not know the difference between these two things, but we certainly do! Read on to learn everything you need about these two cleaning methods and why one is preferred. Read on Steam Cleaning vs Hot Water Extraction: Which Is Better for Carpets?

What Is the Difference Between Steam Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction?

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Steam cleaning and hot water extraction are two very similar methods that are used to clean carpets. Not only are they similar, but they are often misconstrued for each other. However, they differ in a few crucial ways. While both methods use hot water to clean carpets, one method uses water that’s much hotter than the other one. The more burning process between the two would be steam cleaning, but more desirable doesn’t necessarily mean better. Most cleaners nowadays prefer hot water extraction to steam cleaning for various reasons.

What to Know About Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is simple to understand based on its name alone. Steam cleaning uses steam to clean carpets. Of course, this means that the water being used gets incredibly hot. There are a few reasons why steam cleaning is commonly considered too hot for carpets. For one thing, the intense heat it takes to generate the steam can warp the fibers of your carpet.

Given that people traditionally use cleaning to extend the lifespan of their carpets, this seems counterintuitive. Secondly, this intense heat can also make matters worse when it comes to bacteria. Besides developing a carpet’s lifespan, cleaning is also helpful for disinfecting. Steam cleaning can ironically increase bacteria growth within the fibers of your carpet, making the whole operation pointless.

carpet steam cleaning
carpet steam cleaning

The Hot Water Extraction Difference

Don’t be mistaken: the water used for hot water extraction is plenty hot. You can tell that just by looking at the method’s name! You may even notice some steam coming out of the equipment, but far less than when steam cleaning. Hot water extraction heats the water, but not to the point where most of it turns to steam. Instead, it simply heats the water enough to clean your carpet effectively. With steam cleaning, it’s not the heat that tends but the moisture itself. Hot water extraction cleans just as well as smoke does, and then some! Hot water extraction gets stains with no problems, whereas steam cleaning often bakes them into the carpet. On that note, hot water extraction rinses the fibers of your carpet. Meanwhile, steam cleaning methods get them soaking wet and steaming hot, then call it a day.

Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Preferred?

Modern cleaners are turning to hot water extraction over steam cleaning for all the above reasons. Hot water extraction is the best method for getting carpets back into tip-top shape. If you’re looking to get your carpet clean without causing any damage to its materials, this is the way. If you want to remove grime and bacteria from your carpet without worsening it, always choose hot water extraction. Hot water extraction will make your carpet look and feel brand new. If that sounds appealing, contact us immediately!

Can Homeowners Clean Their Carpets Themselves?

DIY carpet cleaning
DIY carpet cleaning

In recent years, it has become common for companies to rent out equipment for cleaning carpets to homeowners. However, homeowners are advised not to take this task upon themselves unless they know what they’re doing. Various things can go wrong regarding carpet cleaning, regardless of the method. Unless you want to put yourself and your home at risk, professional help will be preferred. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered in carpet cleaning with a professional touch! As one of the prominent cleaning companies in Singapore, we’re here to help.

Here’s a comparison table between carpet steaming and carpet hot water extraction

Comparison FactorsCarpet SteamingCarpet Hot Water Extraction
Cleaning ProcessUses steam to clean carpets. Does not typically involve cleaning agents.Involves injecting hot water and a cleaning agent into the carpet, then extracting the water and dirt.
Deep CleaningMay not clean as deeply or remove as many types of stains because it does not use a cleaning agent.Can provide deeper cleaning and remove a wider range of stains due to the combination of hot water, cleaning agent, and extraction.
Drying TimeUsually faster drying time because it uses less water.Typically has a longer drying time due to the large amount of water used, although modern equipment can minimize this.
Effect on Carpet FibersCan be gentler on carpet fibers as it doesn’t use detergents.May be slightly harsher on carpets due to the use of cleaning agents, but also can provide a more thorough clean. Properly executed, it should not damage your carpet.
Best ForRegular maintenance cleaning and for more delicate or antique rugs that cannot withstand harsh treatments.Heavy-duty or restorative cleaning when there are heavy soiling and deeply embedded stains.
Carpet Steaming Service or Hot Water Extraction?

Why You Should Let the Professionals Handle It

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to clean with steam cleaning or hot water extraction, a lot of equipment is involved. Not only that but there’s a lot of water involved. This water can seep into the wrong areas of your house if you’re not careful. Homeowners often oversaturate their carpets when cleaning for the first time. This can lead to mildew growth in the place, which can be a bigger problem than unclean carpets. If mildew growth doesn’t occur, then structural damage might.

Avoid Structural Damage, Mildew, and Detergent Film

Professional carpet cleaner in Singapore
Professional carpet cleaner in Singapore

Besides the water and the equipment, carpet cleaning can require a professional touch because of the detergent. Hot water extraction typically involves using a detergent to help break down dirt and grime in the carpet. This detergent needs to be used carefully and sparingly. Otherwise, it may leave a nasty residue. Conversely, carpet cleaning doesn’t do much good if you don’t use it enough.

For this reason, the perfect touch is needed when cleaning your carpet. There are multiple reasons why detergent residue can be a bad thing. The most notable one is that detergent residue ironically acts as a magnet for dirt and grime! Besides that, who wants to walk barefoot on a carpet soaked with detergent film?

Reasons to Choose Us?Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd
ExperienceWith over 13 years of carpet & upholstery cleaning industry experience, we bring expertise in both carpet steaming and hot water extraction methods.
Professional StaffOur team is trained, certified, and skilled in handling various types of carpets and cleaning scenarios.
Customized ServicesWe offer personalized services tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your carpet and premises.
Quality EquipmentThe company uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure effective and safe carpet cleaning.
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Satisfaction GuaranteeWe provide a satisfaction guarantee to ensure their customers are pleased with the cleaning results.
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