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Looking for carpet cleaning services in Singapore? The carpet requires regular cleaning and it is a tough task. Self-cleaning of carpets is not possible always and moreover, it cannot give the desired result. Hence it is inevitable to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean the carpet for its safety and for perfect hygiene inside the house.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Why choose us as your carpet cleaning company?

A trusted carpet and upholstery company only can do the job perfectly without any risk to the carpet as well as the inmates of the house. Organic ingredients with a Green seal are to be used in the process of carpet cleaning. However, without proper labels, many companies use toxic chemicals that are used in pesticides as well as dry cleaning products for cleaning the carpet.

Some of these chemicals even produce fumes and harmful fragrances that can cause headaches, nausea, asthma, fatigue, and sneezing, etc. to those who inhale the air. These chemicals pollute the entire environment inside the house creating health hazards for all. Infants and pets will be the worst affected by toxic chemicals.

Carpet cleaning the right way

Cleaning your carpet the right way!

Looking for a reliable and trusted carpet cleaning services for your home or office?

Professional carpet cleaning company

Professional carpet cleaning companies will employ only qualified and experienced personnel so that the work will be carried out properly and safely. Those who are without proper training may cause damage to the carpet as well as the furniture inside the house because of the rude way of handling.

While trusted carpet companies provide insurance coverage for any damage that occurred during the companies those who have no insurance coverage will incur a substantial loss to the customers.

Hence it is not enough if the house owner could find out the cheapest carpet cleaning companies. Of course, the service charges must be matched to the average rate quoted by various cleaning companies. It is equally important to identify the trusted carpet and upholstery company in order to avoid damage and health hazards as well as ensure a perfect cleaning service.

Why Choose Us For Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning or Disinfection Service?

Carpet in your house can always enhance the look, feel ambiance and comfort in your house. But at the same time, it can also increase the chances of various health issues because of the dirty and non-clean carpet. Also, if you do not pay attention to your cleaning then you can certainly have a lot of stains and marks as well on your carpet.

In case you wish to keep your carpet clean and fresh then professional carpet cleaning services can help you in that requirement in an easy manner. For your professional cleaning work, you can take our services and we will surely give the best services for the same in an easy manner.

In case you are wondering why you should choose us for your professional carpet cleaning services, then here are 10 reasons that can help you make your decision in an easy manner.

We have better understanding of carpet and that is why we can provide better services to you in easy manner. We know it very well that there are different kind of carpets and it can have different problems as well. Our better understanding help us provide better carpet cleaning services to you in easy and smart manner. Also, we know what kind of carpets are more popular in Singapore and that is why our carpet cleaning Singapore firm can do the better cleaning in smart manner.

In different kind of carpet you can have different issues and we do understand that in easy ways. Since, we know what are the common problem that you can have in your carpet so we know how to provide better carpet cleaning Singapore services to you. We check the problem that you have in our carpet and we give a solution according to that problem and that give a longer lie to your carpet.

We always follow a professional method while providing carpet cleaning services to our customer and that is what help us do the better work for you. When you contact us for your carpet cleaning Singapore requirement, then first we check the problem, we identify a solution that suit best for your carpet cleaning and then we provide quotation to you for that. If you agree with that then we go ahead for cleaning and we provide best services to you.

We know that we cannot provide professional carpet cleaning services to you unless we have a team of experts for that. That is why when we hire people for carpet cleaning then we make sure that all of them are experts and experienced in this work. This basic requirement make sure that your get the best outcome and completely clean carpet that too without having any damage in your carpet in any ways

This is simple fact that people can provide better services to you only if they have better equipment for this work. That is why we always get better and state of art equipment with us for all the carpet cleaning work. Also, we train our employees to use all the machines or advance equipment’s that gives them liberty to do the cleaning work in a smart and simply amazing manner. Also, that will certainly help you in this requirement in easy and simply amazing manner

In Singapore, carpet cleaning services are not cheap and sometime you might need to pay a lot of money or same. However, we give you an assurance that with our carpet cleaning Singapore firm you will not have to worry about the cost. Indeed, you will have to pay us also for cleaning work, but we will charge only a decent amount to you. As a result of that you will be able to have a clean and fresh carpet without spending a lot of money in this work.

We know that if you are not getting assurance for cleaning of your carpet, then you might not get satisfactory result with that option. That is why when you hire us for you carpet cleaning work then we provide the assurance of best services to you and we make sure that you get what we claim. Also, we have a super wiser as well that check the work after it is done by our technicians and that is how we provide the assurance of best services to you.

If you will call an ordinary carpet cleaning Singapore firm then that firm may not give you a quick response. And when you will get late response, then you will certainly have delay in the result as well. We do not make you delay in any work and we response to your calls in least possible time. Also we have advance cleaning and drying methods that allows us to finish the work in least possible time and you get fresh carpet in no time.

We always make sure that you do not get any kind of complication or trouble while taking our carpet cleaning Singapore services help for your requirement. We will make sure that you do not get any kind of security issue while taking our services. Also, we do understand this simple fact that many carpet cleaning chemicals might not be good for you and your family members. That is why we prefer to use only those chemicals that are safe for all of your family members.

Just taking the carpet cleaning services is not enough for keeping your carpet fresh for a long time. You also need to follow few basic tips to keep it clean and fresh. That is why we share various tips and tricks to you along with our services and that help all of our clients and customer to get better output in easy and really smart manner. Hence, you can say all the above ten tips make us a leading carpet cleaning Singapore firm.


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    I was recommended by my friend Angela who told me Singapore Carpet Cleaning is very professional with the different types of carpet cleaning methods. I called up and Clara help me with my carpet, chairs & sofa cleaning enquires. I booked an appointment on Tuesday and they came on time and very efficiently, they use their high tech machines to clean my carpet and in a matter of hours, everything is clean and fresh. I am very happy with their service and i would recommend them to anyone wh wants to clean their carpet or upholstery.
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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

How much does it cost to have a carpet cleaned?

Commercial carpet cleaning usually costs around $0.175 to $0.60 dollars per square feet which varies with the size and dirtiness of the carpet. Rug and carpet cleaning services range from $200 to $450. Carpet cleaning Singapore gets the cleaning done.

What is the best method for cleaning carpets?

The best method to clean your carpets is steam cleaning. It yields wonderful results and gets rid of over 90 percent of all the bacteria and dirt from the fabric. Other than steam cleaning, some also go for a thorough dry cleaning of the carpet which ensures the carpet is ready for walking as soon as possible.

Why does carpet smell worse after cleaning?

At times when the padding or the underlying backing of the carpet gets wet and isn't dried thoroughly, the carpet may smell worse after the whole cleaning process. The improper drying causes mildew or a sour smell until the backing gets dry. You can deal with the same by shampooing the carpet again and letting it dry with open windows, fans, or space heaters.

How do I deep clean my carpet?

You can go for thorough deep cleaning of your carpet using a steam cleaner or some effective homemade cleaning solutions. For steam cleaning, you begin by vacuuming the carpet and treating spot stains with a carpet stain remover. Allow it to dry for a few minutes while you prepare the steamer for cleaning. Run the machine on the carpet, finally leaving it to dry for several hours.

Here are just some of our happy customers

Here are just some of our happy customers

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