Cost of Cleaning Curtains, Blinds or Drapes in Singapore

Curtain cleaning is an important task that needs to be done regularly. Keep the curtains is as equally as important you keep furniture clean. However, often the question arises how to do it? You’re preoccupied. You’re at a day job or won a business. You need to take care of your family once you are back home after a busy work schedule.

The best option under the circumstances is having a quality curtain cleaning service. Curtain cleaning price plays a significant role in deciding which service to choose.

We’ll discuss here curtain cleaning price and its various aspects.

Average cost range

The average price to clean curtains is $250 and varies from $140 to $380. low-end cleaning jobs entail approximately $80 and high-end workpieces can be prices as much as $635. Curtain cleaning services charge $1 to $5 per foot. If the fabric is pleated they charge is $1 to $5 a pleat.

The important factors that determine the cost are the size of the drape, the number of windows treatments, the type of material.

The importance of Cleaning window treatments

Window treatments like curtains and drapes make the look of the window and the room better. However, they’re left in the time often. Even if the window is sealed well or insulated, dust, dirt accumulate. To clean it you need to hire a professional cleaning service.

Dry cleaning curtains cost

To dry clean curtains it costs ranging from $2 to $7. Curtain cleaning services charge $2 to $7 per foot. The cost of the service varies with material type and its size. This is because you need to take care of things properly. and it may be expensive.


Curtain cleaning

Curtain cleaning

Dry cleaning silk curtains cost

Note that dry cleaning silk curtains cost between $90-$145 per set. Silk entails additional costs thanks to the requirement of special methods and chemicals. The materials are to be cleaned only by dry cleaning. Only professionals specializing in upholstery cleaning can do the job.

Dry cleaning linen curtains

While cleaning you need to handle it carefully because it tends to contract. Keep the area where clean where line curtains are located to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. Dry cleaning linen curtains costs between $75 – $135 and the average cost to clean ceiling and walls are close to $375.

Dry cleaning cotton curtains

Dry cleaning cotton curtains rentals $72 to $108. Of course, cotton does not require much maintenance. However, take care such that it does not shrink.

 Dry cleaning Polyester Curtains

Dry cleaning Polyester Curtains ranges from $72 to $105. polyester is easy to maintain and hence easy to clean.

Curtain cleaning prices on the site price vary between $2 to $8 per foot. This is equivalent to an average of $130 to $1250 per window treatment.

The higher price is thanks to the additional effort and more time to come to your home and do the job.

Service that comes to your home to clean rugs, carpets, and upholstery, carpets can also consider cleaning your window treatment if you so desire.

Dry cleaning drapes cost

Dry cleaning drapes cast varies between $2 to $6 afoot. The cost of washing different material drapes is equal to that for curtains.

Did you know how a curtain differs from a drape? A drape feels thicker than a curtain. A drape is lined with additional cloth and performs light and heat blocking functions.

Drapery Cleaning Prices

The price of onsite draper cleaning averages between $2 to $8 a foot equivalent to $130-$155 a window treatment.

The onsite work projects take one to three hours to close the work. Look for a service specializing in drapery cleaning in your locality.

The average house cleaning price is at $185. This covers, on-site drapery cleaning for an additional cost. You can also choose to hire a professional to wash the drapes. The average cost of carpet cleaning is $192.

Curtain cleaning

Curtain cleaning

Cost of blind cleaning

The average cost veers around $25 per blind. This is the same as $190 for seven blinds. High-end jobs may entail over $250.

The cost varies according to the material of the blinds. You need to look for the quote offered by the pro

Pros soak window covering in bleach treated hot water.

Blind cleaning with ultrasonic

The average price for blind cleaning with ultrasonic varies between $18 to $45. The method involves the use of high-frequency sound waves to clean stain, dirt, and germs.

Windows free from dust and dirt will mitigate cleaning more often. Thi is becue less dirt will accumulate with treatment. The average cleaning cost for windows is close to $230.

Cleaning Venetian blinds

Cleaning Venetian Blinds entail costing between $12 to $25 per unit. As Venetian blind comprises horizontal slat, they need careful handling.


While choosing a service according to curtain cleaning price, research on the Internet regarding their service. Visit the official website if they have one. Decide according to the cost, type of fabric, time taken, flexibility in work and quality of work. This will help you, in the long run, to reduce or stabilize cost.


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