How much does Rug Cleaning Cost in Singapore

Looking for rug cleaning services in Singapore? Rug cleaning is an important task and you need to execute it carefully. You have done it regularly. This is not a DIY task. The best idea is to hire professional services. There are many rug cleaning services in Singapore.

Today, people prefer to hire rug cleaning services who could execute the cleaning right on the spot. You should make a comparative analysis. By this, you’d be able to work out the right cleaning program for your rugs. Further, you need to take into account the amount you wish to spend. The average cost of rug cleaning in Singapore is close to $180 to $400.

Residential rug cleaning

on the site rug cleaning costs $120 or more, if you wish it to be closed in 3o to 50 minutes for one piece.

If you opt for a service that offers pickup and delivery, it costs $120 and more. You need to pay $20 for charges for transportation.

The actual cost you need to bear depends on the following factors:

The material of the rug

Rug materials are, probably, the most important in determining the cost of cleaning. Thus, if the rug is made of expensive materials, they need to be cleaned in supplicated cleaning methods using advanced cleaning equipment.

Modern advanced methods such as dry cleaning add to the cost thanks to their material and equipment costs. Further, it is safer for the rug compared to other cleaning techniques.

Size of the rug

The larger the size of the rug, the greater the cost of cleaning. If the rug is large the cleaning process is complex. Therefore, you need to pay more. Check with rug cleaning services in your locality to get a clearer idea.

The amount of time takes

The time taken for cleaning the rug is yet another important factor that determines cleaning costs. A few services offer instant cleaning services. If you’re planning to get your rugs quickly, you can choose the instant cleaning option. The service is, otherwise, could be done in a few days.

Instant services are expensive when compared to regular cleaning services. Therefore, you need to spend a few additional dollars.

Rug pickup delivery cleaning

Rug pickup delivery cleaning

Experience of the service

The amount of experience that the service you have can influence the cost of rug cleaning. Experienced services can clean rugs of any type or any size and quality in a reasonable period of time.

They are sophisticated in fixing the problems that may arise in cleaning. Services that are more expensive are expensive thanks to their superior quality of service.

Other factors that might influence the cost

Certain cleaning service companies offer a few additional services to their clients. The additional services are useful and make the ceiling better and easier. If you consider hiring such services take into count to cinder the additional services.

The additional costs are likely to add to the cost of rug cleaning. Yet, you should consider them to choose by ensuring how relevant and necessary they are for your home, office, workplace, etc.

A few points to take note of:

Cleaning rugs is a costly proposition. This doesn’t mean that you should not use rugs or do not clean your rugs. You can take steps to reduce the scot of a rug cleaning to a reasonable extent.

Regular cleaning is essential – use a vacuum cleaner to bring out the cleaning. If water is spilled on the rug, make sure to dry in the sun.

Keep pets and food spills away – this will prevent accidental animal droppings and food spillage, and entail less costly cleaning.

Buying cleaning products – If you buy cleaning products and do the cleaning yourself, it will help reduce the cost of cleaning. This is because when you hire cleaning services, you need to pay for the cleaning products, equipment, and labor.


Rug cleaning should not be a hassle for you in Singapore. You can consider hiring the best companies in your locality. If you keep on doing rug cleaning regularly, it will help you not only to keep the rug clean but would help avoid the higher cost of cleaning.

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