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Why Choose Auntie Cleaner as Your Carpet Cleaning Service

Most offices and apartments in Singapore are decorated with carpets. Due to the tight schedules, we are always in a hurry and sometimes we spill coffee, tea or just leave dirty footprints on our carpets. Usually, basic cleaning products could remove simple stains, however, overtime every carpet becomes dusty and has crusted stains that can be safely cleaned only by professional cleaning services. But how can you know which carpet cleaning service to choose if you were disappointed after every service or haven’t tried one at all? Auntie Cleaner is the number one solution for office and home cleaning services. The company is a leader in Singapore and provides all types of cleaning services such as part-time maids, spring cleaning, laundry pickup, office cleaning, and carpet cleaning. We prepared some useful tips why particularly you should choose Auntie Cleaner as your carpet cleaning service.

Auntie Cleaner

• Auntie Cleaner provides green cleaning

Green cleaning is a type of cleaning when used products consist of environmentally friendly ingredients which protect and maintain human health and environmental quality. Green cleaning products avoid toxic chemicals which can cause skin or respiratory problems. It is especially good for young families with babies. It can look like green products will not be able to remove stains or clean carpets as good as regular products with chemicals, but it’s not even close to reality. The recent researches show that green products not only safer for humans, animals, and environment but also are better cleaners because they do not do any harm to the carpets and keeps their quality, unlike chemicals that usually damages carpets’ natural condition.

• Reliability and years of experience

If you are looking for house cleaning or carpet cleaning services, the first thought that pops in your head is if that company is reliable. Especially if your carpet is handmade high-quality carpet and you do not want to lose its color or shape due to cleaning procedures. Usually, you just visit some forums or the company’s website and read the reviews. We can assure you that all of Auntie Cleaner’s clients are 100% satisfied with cleaning services and they would recommend it to their friends. We have multiple loyal clients who come back and use other our provided services. Auntie Cleaner specializes in all kind of types of carpet cleaning services such as office, household, hand-made, natural, synthetic carpeting. Our agents have been trained and have years of experience using different cleaning machines and products, know how to clean different stains, blemished and deep dust. We provide a different kind of carpet cleaning methods like dry cleaning, bonneting or hot water extraction.

Auntie Cleaner

• High-quality services with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Auntie Cleaner has the team of qualified personnel and the latest cleaning equipment. As mentioned before, we provide green cleaning service, however, all of our products are the highest quality and it does not matter if it’s a green cleaning service or a regular one. Multiple people are allergic to some chemicals and cleaning products, but we can assure that after cleaning your carpet you will not have any allergies or side effects, our services are completely safe for your health. Our agents use high-performance machines which delve into the carpet to clean embedded dirt pieces that regular machines cannot reach. We also provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

• Affordable rates

Many people think that cleaning services are expensive and that is why they avoid to hire a professional to take care of their carpet and instead try doing it themselves and risking to harm the carpet’s quality. Auntie Cleaner has one of the lowest cleaning rates in Singapore, so everyone could afford it.

• Licensed and insured

Singapore has strict rules regarding cleaning service companies who do not have a valid work license. All of our workers not only are professional and qualified but also have valid work permits that indicate their employer. Auntie Cleaner is licensed by the Ministry of Manpower which set the local laws regarding cleaners hiring. Our company takes full responsibility for any harm done by our employees while cleaning your carpet. That is one of the reasons why we hire cleaners only with a good experience and background to protect our reputation and provide you with a great service.

Auntie Cleaner

• Auntie Cleaner is committed to its clients

Before hiring any house cleaning or carpet cleaning service, first, you have to sign a contract that includes all the conditions and terms signed by both parties. Auntie Cleaner always fulfill all the conditions and requirements. If you asked for two agents to clean your carpet at the certain time, you can stop worrying and rest easy knowing that the company will assign to you two cleaning agents as agreed on the specific date you asked for. As a result, you can avoid any difficulties or problems if you needed the cleaning service to be performed on a specific day.

Auntie Cleaner
is the best choice for people who are looking for high-quality, affordable and completely safe carpet cleaning services. Our experienced cleaning agents with the newest cleaning products and machines will clean your carpets and help you to achieve an absolute cleanliness in your house or office. How many times you have wondered that maybe you should change your carpet because it lost its color and looks old? Try our services and we guarantee that we will bring your carpet back to life just by simply applying our cleaning methods. Do you support ecological products and are environmentally friendly? That is great because we also offer green cleaning service. Auntie Cleaner is for everyone and everywhere. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support on the website and we will be more than happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

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