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How To Clean Up Molds On Sofa

Molds are those small fungus that may grow at any place as long as it get favorable environment for that. Singapore is a place that is just too perfect for molds because of the humidity and it can grow on your couch as well. And if you get it once on your couch or sofa, then normal sofa cleaning method will not work for you. In that situation you will have to follow special procedures for sofa cleaning. Here, I am sharing a guide that can tell you how to clean up molds on sofa.


Do the preparation:

Before you start the sofa cleaning process it is extremely important that you do all the necessary preparation for that. You get all the essential tools that you will need for your sofa and you also do other preparation. In this other preparation work, you should lay down some newspaper on the floor and around your sofa. This is very important because it will collect the loose spores and it will make sure you don’t spread those spore of molds on your carpet or other fabric. If possible take your sofa an empty room for sofa cleaning, if that is not possible then remove all the things that you can remove. If that is also not possible, then you should cover most of the things with a plastic wrapping or newspaper just for protection purpose.

Stop air flow:

This is very important that you get as low flow of air in your house as low possible. In order to do that, you can close all the windows, you can turn of your Aircon and you also need to turn of the fan. I agree, it may become a bad situation for you because of the humidity, but you must understand that air can spread the pores of molds in your entire house. That means your sofa cleaning process may infect other fabric and things of your house. Also, make sure, no one open the door or use these electrical appliances in the mid of sofa cleaning for molds removal.


Brush it gently:

To remove the molds from sofa, first you should take a stiff broom or brush and you should brush the molds with a good quality brush. You should brush it gentle and you should get the residue of the molds on this newspaper. Indeed, you may not remove it complete using a brush and I am not asking you to remove it either. Instead of that you should gently remove it as much as possible and rest you should leave for the next part of sofa cleaning. If you don’t have a brush, then you can use a stiff broom as well, but make sure it is stiff and does no harm to the fabric of your couch or sofa.

Make a cleaning solution:

Take 250 ml of warm water and add 1/2 tea spoon liquid soap in it. Once you get a good soapy liquid then take a sponge dip that into the liquid, squeeze it properly and then apply the soap the couch. When you apply the suds or soap on the couch, then make sure you pay your focus on the moldy areas. But this does not mean you should ignore it completely. If you notice you have more mold on your sofa and this sofa cleaning solution is not working, then you can use alternative cleaning solution for that. In alternative cleaning solution you can use white vinegar and water in a pot. Take that in equal amount and then use that solution for your sofa cleaning. Apart from this, you can also use water and ammonia mixture to clean the sofa. In this ammonia and water mixture, you should use 250 ml of water with 2 tablespoon. You can use this also in the same way and you will be able to clean your sofa effectively.

Clean the fabric:

Once you clean the molds from affected area, then you should take the sponge and you should clean rest of the sofa as well. You must do this step because when you do the sofa cleaning using a brush, then some spores of molds might reach to other parts of your couch and if you leave that unattended, then it may affect other areas as well. So, it is advised that you clean or rub the entire sofa fabric with this cleaning solution. It will make sure you get no complication at all and you will be able to have a better and clean sofa in much easier way.

Sofa Moldy

Remove the paper:

Now you should remove the newspaper gently and carefully keeping all the pores inside the paper. If needed you can also take other people help for same. Also, in this step make sure you do not let it fly in the air nor you make any other mistake so these pores can go to some other parts of your house. Once you role it properly, then pack it in a plastic bag and dispose it at a safe place so you don’t get it back in your home.

Let it dry:

Now it is time to open your windows and let the sofa dry completely in a well-ventilated area. If possible let it air dry in a place that is well lit by sunlight. That sunlight will kill all the remaining fungus and you will have a much better and clean sofa as you expect it to be. If you can’t use sunlight, then let your sofa dry after sofa cleaning and that will help you get a clean and dry sofa easily.

After this, you just need to spray a good quality anti-fungus solution on the sofa. Make sure it is safe for your upholstery and that will help you get good result for sure. Also, once this work is done then you can remove all the plastic sheets or covering that you applied on second step and once you do that, then you will be able to have a clean and fungus free couch.

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