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How To Remove Stubborn Wine Stain In New Carpet

It is a known fact that stains are a part of our daily life. Stains in shirts, trousers, costly dresses, blazers coats and last but not the least carpets could make all of us very sad. However, we have to find out some ways and means by which we are able to remove the stains. We will spend some time looking at methods and tips by which we can remove stubborn stains caused by wine, from our expensive carpets.

Carpet Wine Stains

The stains become tough to remove once they have dried out and are left that way for a few days. Hence, the first lesson is to try and remove the stains immediately they happen. Waiting for it to dry should always be avoided. While being double careful is the way forward, it is only a matter of time before you, your family members, or friends end up spilling a few drops of wine on your expensive and sophisticated looking carpets. Should it happen to your new carpet you could literally have a heart break. But if you know some time tested ways and means to remove these wine stains you perhaps could breathe easy. So, without wasting too much of time let us try some time tested and proven ways by which you can keep your expensive carpets free from stains.

Use Salt

If you are running short on ideas to remove wine stains from your carpet, you could try out salt as an option. However, you have to understand the basic lesson that dry stain is far too difficult to remove when compared to wet stains. Hence your objective should be to make the stain wet again. You need to use a small amount of water. Once it has been done you must apply salt generously to the affected area of wine spill. Salt sucks moisture from the stain, and alongside it also removes discolorations and pigments.

Vinegar Could Be A Good Option

The vinegar method for removal of stains caused by wine spill is again proven and time tested. It is in fact one of the oldest methods of cleaning of stained caused by wine spills. It is about creating a mixture of 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and warm water (2 cups). Do not use apple cider vinegar or other types of vinegars because it could cause more problems and could stain your carpet leading to irreversible damage. You must dab the stained area with this mixture and should not scrub or rub. The mixture will help loosen the stain. You also must have a secondary rag to absorb the liquid as you continue the blotting process. This is known to remove even stubborn wine stain from different types of carpets. It should work well also on a new carpet.

Carpet Wine Stains

Combination Of Hydrogen Peroxide And Dish Soap

It is known that hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent which is mild. However, it has to be used with care because it could discolor dark carpets. A mixture of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide is a good way to go about cleaning wine stains reasonably successfully. You must again create a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (1 squirt will do) along with a small quantity of dish soap. The rag which you use for cleaning must be wetted in the corner with this solution. It must be applied to the red wine stain and again you must dab on it. This will soak into the fibers. After a few minutes the hold of the wine stain will be loosened. You must then make use of a spray bottle with cold water and spray it on the entire stain. You could use a dry towel to blot the wet surface. Once the stain has been removed through this process you could use a third towel or rag to ensure that the liquid is removed from the carpet.

Fight Wine With Wine

If you find that your carpet has been soiled and stained because of red wine, then you could try to remove it by using white wine in combination with baking soda. This is known be quite effective in removing pesky and even stubborn red wine stains. White wine has the property of loosening red wine stains easily and efficiently. Baking soda on the other hand helps to soak the stain and remove it from the carpet surface. The process is quick and easy and there is no need to use specialized cleaning agents.

You need to pour some white wine on the stain. It would be preferable to use low sugar white wine. Many people also use Vodka in case white wine is not available. You should use a sponge and start to blot the stain and ensure that it soaks up as much liquid as it possibly can. Wring out the liquid in a bucket or container and continue the process of blotting. The recommended solution is 1 part baking soda, 3 parts water and of course white wine/Vodka which should be sprayed on the stain first. The mixture should be spread over the stained area and should be covered with a clean towel overnight. You could press the towel down firmly with a heavy object. When you vacuum the baking soda and other mixtures you will find that it has absorbed the stain and your carpet could be free from red wine stains.

Carpet Wine Stains

You May Need Professional Help

While the above methods are quite useful and should tackle almost all stubborn wine stains, you could at times find that the desired results are not forthcoming. In such cases you may have no other option but to call for professional help. This is because these professionals have ways and means by which they can handle tough wine stains on carpets. They use unique cleansing agents, steamers and other such methods to offer the desired results.

The Final Word

While there is no guaranteed success in the above methods, if we check back on facts and advices from experienced persons, you can be sure that in most cases it does work well. However, as mentioned in the beginning, wine stains are best treated when they are fresh. You must not allow them to dry up and get deeply entrenched.

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