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Tips For Cleaning Office Carpet

Carpet offices get dirty a lot. Dust, spills and greasy stains can all subtract from the appearance of your carpet significantly. This in turn portrays your company or business in a bad light, and can leave a negative impression in the minds of your customers. It is extremely important that you clean your carpet regularly. Some of the reasons why you should prioritize office carpet cleaning include the following:

Carpet Cleaning

1. Makes your Office Look Good

Can you imagine what a dirty carpet office would look like? Deeply stained, dusty and generally a terrible eye sore. The sight of a threadbare, yellowish carpet is simply unpleasant. This is why it is important to take time and get your office carpet cleaned. A fresh, bright- looking carpet improves the overall appearance of your office, not to mention that it leaves a positive impression in the minds of all who visit your office.

2. Extends the Life of your Carpet

Cleaning your carpet regularly makes it a lot more durable. Some of the cleaning agents in particular enhance the life of the carpet, making it far less susceptible to wear and tear. If you make a habit of getting your carpet cleaned every so often, it will serve you for years to come.

3. Prevents the Spread of Diseases

Dust and mites can find a comfortable habitat in dirty carpets, and this in turn can cause the spread of diseases. Respiratory infections could become rampant in your office thanks to a dirty carpet. Besides, germs that cling to a dirty carpet can also spread countless other diseases. To prevent all this, why don’t you get your carpet cleaned at least once a week? It will certainly save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Tips for Cleaning Your Office Carpet

1. Vacuum Often

Vacuuming rids your carpet of loose, dry soil. You should have the carpet vacuumed as often as possible. In fact, you would be well advised to have heavy traffic areas vacuumed daily. You would also be better off using modern vacuums as opposed to outdated ones since the modern ones are far more effective.

Carpet Cleaning

Given that most offices are filled with furniture and a lot of other things, you may also consider using a backpack vacuum. This light equipment is portable, and can penetrate the nooks and crannies that ordinary vacuums may fail to reach.

Door mats can also help reduce the loose, dry soil that gets into the office. You should consider having them at your doorstep to make the cleaning task easier.

2. Deep Clean Regularly

Dry soil is not the only kind of dirt that can soil office carpets. Coffee spills, greasy dirt, ink spills and oil can also contribute to a dirty carpet. Vacuuming won’t get rid of these spots, so another cleaning method must be used. This is where deep cleaning comes into the picture. Deep cleaning involves encapsulation and the use of absorbents to get rid of stubborn spots.

Deep cleaning need not be a daily affair. However, you should get the carpet deep cleaned at least once every month. Getting it cleaned weekly is ideal. That way, small spots are taken care off quickly. This is better than cleaning a deeply stained carpet once a month.

How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company

There are countless commercial cleaning companies in Singapore. Choosing the best company to clean your office carpet can therefore be something of a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you pick the best company:

1. Quality Services

Before you contract any company, first ask what kind of services they offer. Do your homework and do it well. Are they a general commercial cleaning company or do they specialize in cleaning carpets? You would be better off choosing a company that specializes in office carpet cleaning as they are more likely to do a better job.

Also, how long has the company been in existence? You want to choose a company that has been in business for a long time as opposed to a newly established enterprise. This is because a company that has been operating for decades is likely to have better skilled personnel, and the experience they have gained over the years can prove to be extremely beneficial.

2. Products and Equipment Used

A good carpet cleaning company should only use the very best products and the latest equipment. You certainly don’t want a company that uses extremely harsh cleaning products, as this can ruin your carpet. You also want them to use the best equipment to ensure that your carpet is cleaned properly. Be sure to ask prospective companies what kind of equipment and products they use. This can help you be better able to choose the best cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning

3. Reputation

Before you settle on a company, first do your research on the kind of reputation they have. In fact, ask them to refer you to some of their former clients so as to get a feel of what it is like to work with them. If this is not possible, then visit their website and find out what kind of reviews they have. If most people are pleased with the company, you should seriously consider hiring them. If people generally aren’t pleased with the services of the company, run in the other direction.

4. Fair Pricing

Finally, spare some thought about how much it is going to cost to get your carpet cleaned. The general notion is that the more expensive a company is, the better their services are. This is not always the case. The best thing to do is to find a company that charges reasonable prices for their services. If the prices are too low, you need to tread carefully. Questionably low prices almost always point to trouble.


It is exceedingly important that you keep your office carpet clean. Not only is a dirty carpet unappealing, but it can also be a health hazard. Have the carpet vacuumed at least daily to get rid of dust and dirt. Also, get the carpet deep cleaned at least once a month to rid it of spots and stains. If you have no idea which cleaning company to hire, follow the tips above. They will help make the task a tad easier.

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