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11 Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

Virtually all carpet cleaning tasks such stain removal, raising trampled down fibers, eliminating allergens and dust mites, to mention but a few can be efficiently executed with DIY non-toxic solutions. To this end, the following are top DIY carpet cleaning hacks that you should be aware about.


1. Stain removal with an iron box

An iron box can come in handy in the elimination of carpet stains. Begin by vacuum cleaning the carpet to ensure all particles on its surface are removed. Next, dampen the stain with a towel that has been drenched with a solution of vinegar and water, consisting of one part of the former and three parts of the latter. Position this dampened towel over the stain and then utilize the iron box to heat it up. While doing so, the stain will seep into the towel in a gradual manner. Continue with this process over and over again until the stain is totally eliminated.

2. Baking soda and essential oil carpet freshener

This particular hack allows your carpet to imbibe a fresh and pleasant scent, and you may be forgiven for thinking that you are walking on a field of flowers. You can formulate your very own carpet deodorant by mixing ten to twenty drops of an essential oil (preferably lavender or wild orange) with baking soda. Mix the solution thoroughly prior to storing it in a sealed glass container. Whenever you wish, you can use this homemade deodorant on your carpet, simply by pouring it on the carpet. Let it set for at least five minutes and then vacuum clean the carpet.

3. Homemade carpet deep cleaning agent

Carpet deep cleaning greatly assists in the convenient removal of allergens and even dust mites, which may be entrenched in your rug’s fibers. Mix of a cup of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ of a cup white vinegar, five drops of an essential oil. Two tablespoons of fabric softener, two tablespoons of dishwasher soap and one gallon of hot water. After thoroughly mixing this solution, utilize it on when using your carpet cleaning machine, rather than the exorbitant and chemical filled solutions that are available in the market.


4. How to clean a shag carpet in a proper manner

Most vacuum cleaners make use of plenty of suction, which can trigger shag carpets to become frizzy. Should you happen to notice that your shag carpet sheds a lot of its fibers, de-shag it by using your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment. Doing this will naturally take a long period of time, but it will enable you to access the fibers of your carpet without altering its shaggy appearance.

5. Carpet fluffing method I

This given technique is ideal for those carpets which are located in areas that experience frequent traffic. You can fluff such carpets by spraying on the tramped down regions using a carpet stain remover, which consists of vinegar and water mixed in equal parts. Permit this solution to set on the carpet before blotting it. At this juncture, run a spoon along the fibers of the carpet, with its side to be able to fluff them up. Doing this will allow them to stand up straight with very little encouragement.

6. Carpet fluffing method II

Another of the most excellent carpet cleaning hacks that you should know is this alternative fiber fluffing technique. It is especially suitable for those regions of your carpet where furniture are laid on top of them. Begin by placing ice cubes on these areas, and allow them to melt. Once the water is fully dissolved, take a soft towel and let it seep the up the excess moisture. Next, run an iron box gently over this towel, back and forth. When the fibers are finally dried up, stop ironing the towel. Permit the carpet to air dry, then make use of your fingers to gently fluff up its fibers on these given areas.

7. Club soda stain removal

When appropriately used, club soda can eliminate beer and even wine stains that accumulate on your carpet. Start by blotting the stain with the club soda that is dampened on a piece of cloth. Once the stain disappears, rinse the spot with warm water. Next, place white paper towels on the spot and weigh them down with a relatively heavy object. Leave them in this position until the carpet is finally dry.

Carpet Cleaning Hacks

8. Shaving cream stain remover

Regular shaving cream can be excellent for dealing with the general sorts of carpet stains. Apply the cream on the affected area, and let it set for at least thirty minutes. When this time has elapsed, blot out the shaving cream with a dry white cloth. Finish up by spraying the affected spot with a solution of water and vinegar, in equal parts.

9. Dishwasher detergent carpet grease remover

The ideal way to deal with grease that gets stuck in the fibers of your carpet is to utilize a dishwasher detergent as a cleaning agent. This product will be able to cut into such grease as it does with dirty dishes. Put the solution in a sprayer and apply it on the affected spots. Finally, blot it and repeat the process until the grease is completely eliminated.

10. Dealing with pet accidents on a carpet

Virtually all pets, despite of been well trained, occasionally have accidents on the carpet. In such circumstances, you should opt for organic carpet cleaners, instead of the chemical formulated varieties. This cleaning process will necessitate some vigorous scrubbing. Once you are done, you can utilize a cloth to wipe out the stain.

11. Settle for professional carpet cleaning if you are unsure of what you should do

Finally, one of the most critical carpet cleaning hacks you could ever resort to is to always enlist the assistance of expert carpet cleaning services, particularly if you are uncertain of how to correctly clean your carpet. Some kinds of carpets are difficult to clean than others. This is usually attributable to several factors, which includes the exact fiber material, the dyes used and even the exact length of the pile. The distinct construction and sturdiness of the fibers can also play a critical role in proper carpet cleaning. Therefore, it can be best to opt for professional carpet cleaning services, whenever you are in any way unsure of the right cleaning approach to utilize.

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