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Can Regular Carpet Cleaning Extend The Lifespan Of Carpet?

Carpets are highly essential in homes as well as offices in that they offer excellent floor protection from dirt and in addition they also do provide some warmth to the feet especially when it is cold. The other striking feature of floor carpets is the amazing décor which they do add to homes and regarding this we can’t underestimate the massive benefits which carpets do offer. Just like it is with any other personal home collection, regular cleaning is something which is very essential and there are many well-known explanations why this ought to be done on regular basis. Professional cleaning needs to be done like after every 6 or 12 months so as to keep the carpet in a good condition, free from stains and keep much of the intended decorations that comes by having a nice carpet.


However there is this subject as to whether regular carpet cleaning can extend the lifespan of a carpet. The response may be either yes or no depending on all the kind of factors which do call for the cleaning action. For instance if professional cleaning is rarely done, a carpet may get to accumulate lots of dirt, induce irreversible damage to the carpet fibers and thus necessitate expensive repair. To extend the lifetime of a carpet, it is important that regular and professional cleaning be done. The purpose of this kind of maintenance is to remove the foreign objects which would otherwise damage the carpet parts thus extend its lifetime.

Over a period of time, a carpet especially ones made from cotton and wool fabrics may get to elongate. The elongation process is as a result of the fibrous carpet components absorbing moisture from the environment. This is somehow a natural process that is difficult to control and the overall effect it brings is that the carpet fibers tend to extend more than their normal capacity. This induces strains within the carpet structure and with time the carpet may lose its required rigidity thus weakens a lot. However if some regular cleaning is done especially through steaming, much of this strain-causing can be removed allowing the carpet to maintain the much needed soft, rigid and fluffy appeal.


Carpets do get stained by all kinds of dirt and these may include soil, syrups, tiny solids, liquids and all other forms of dirt you could possibly imagine. The dirt does make the carpet surface to become clogged and if some of these dirt (i.e. syrup) do get to harden, the carpet surface is likely to undergo some minor tearing and this in the long run will reduce the strength and visual appeal with which we would a carpet to have. The clogged and sticky dirt particles are difficult to remove and in desperate attempt to avoid the unsightly gestures which they bring, we may be forced to settle for unconventional cleaning practices like hard brush rubbing. This kind of cleaning is not effective and would only accelerate the carpet damage. The only way to extend a carpet’s lifetime is to opt for regular cleaning so that the clogged particles get to be removed right on time without prolonging the damaging effects.

On the hand, regular professional cleaning may shorten a carpet’s lifetime and this in most instances is highly dependent on the material from which the carpet is made from. Carpets made from synthetic fibers like nylon and acrylic will rapidly degrade if subjected to regular professional cleaning through hot steaming. The steaming weakens the fibers and the overall carpet structure. In the long run, the carpet would have lost its desirable strength and some fibers would have moved out of their preferred positions. Dirt from these kinds of carpets should be physically removed and any professional cleaning through hot steaming should be kept at a minimum so as to extend the lifespan of the given carpets.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

The chemicals used during carpet cleaning task may greatly determine the lifespan of the carpet in question. Some of the chemicals used in carpet cleaning do possess some considerable degree of corrosiveness and this implies that their prolonged use will expose most of the carpet surface to damage. Regarding this, it is important to review the carpet cleaning options available so that so that only the one with minimum carpet surface and structure composition is used.

So, after how long should you call in professionals for some carpet cleaning job at your house or business premise? You don’t have to take ages to seek some professional assistance as the lifespan of a carpet is something which is not solely dependent on how regularly the cleaning is done. To make sure that you get to have a longer lasting carpet you should consider maintenance approaches being control of children and pets who can easily apply dirt to your carpet. Your room conditioning approach should also be in a perfect level so as to keep moisture at its right levels. A moist environment does accelerate the growth of microorganisms which can slowly degrade your carpet surface thus limits its lifetime. By applying some of these simple techniques you will find yourself rarely calling in for professional carpet cleaning assistance. By doing this is, you are guaranteed of one of the simple ways of prolonging your carpet lifetime if you may be having doubts that regular professional cleaning may have some role in reducing the lifespan.

There is completely no harm that regular cleaning has on your carpet and the good thing is that you are assured of a clean carpet surface that guarantees to bring joy at all times. Professional carpet cleaning does make sure that your carpet is free from all kind of unwanted materials and this maintenance approach will surely extend the time period which one would expect to use his/her carpet. You shouldn’t only rely on professional assistance to keep your carpet in good condition as they won’t be there all the times in the premises in which the carpet is being used. Personal negligence should be avoided at all costs as failing to give personalized attention to your carpet will means that you will be regularly going in unwanted replacements.

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