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Can We Remove Stain Marks On Carpet?

A carpet is an essential item in any board and because dirt is something inevitable, carpet stains are bound to land on your carpet and with this you should be equipped with the basics on removing carpet stains. Carpet stains can be annoying and what can be more disturbing is when it comes to removing carpet stains. Carpet cleaning should be done regularly to ensure your carpet’s look and durability, cutting down on the wear-tear factor. On removing carpet stains, you do not want do shoddy job at it because in the long run, cheap is expensive. Quality carpet cleaning is important and one needs to be able to locate the best carpet cleaning company that ensures all those nasty carpet stains are minimized.

Removing Carpet Stains

Can you completely remove carpet stains?

Many carpet owners really like to know if it is possible to 100% remove carpet stains. No, the good thing is that carpet stains can be reduced eminently if thorough cleaning is done using the right kind of cleaning agents and the right carpet cleaning company.

Why you should get a good carpet-cleaning company

Most of the chemicals and cleaning agents used by some carpet cleaning companies are dangerous and toxic to most of the carpet fibers and to the surrounding where the carpet and this can be more hazardous to the people in the end. Since most of the sub-standard carpet-cleaning companies are after money and a quick job to make sure that the carpet is properly cleaned, carpet stains are removed using cheap and perilous chemicals. Professional carpet-cleaning companies however commonly use organic cleaning products that, though expensive, are safe and contain fragrance that leave carpet smelling fresh and having gentle feel. (

Tips for first hand removing carpet stains before calling a cleaning company

Removing carpet stains is not done by simply taking a scrub or a toothbrush, with some bit of soap and scouring out the carpet stains. No, there’s more it than that. Remember, care for your carpet is also vital and you will need to ensure that you don’t run the risk of destroying your carpet fibers or worsening the condition by soaking the spill through your carpet pad.

You should be able to consider what type of stain is on your carpet before proceeding to take any action of removing the carpet stain. There are several carpet stain categories including:

§ Water-soluble stains; alcoholic beverages, food dyes, ice cream, mud, milk, wet paint, washable ink, jelly, berries, excrement, colas and gravy. These can be cleaned using simple non-bleach cleaning agents.

§ Exceptional water-soluble stains; wine, chocolate, mustard, vomit, tea, coffee and blood. Mild detergents can be used for this category of carpet stains such as soft bleaches or using parts of bleach with water.

§ Wax, oils and fats can be cleaned using paper towels.

§ Cigarette chars can be removed lightly rubbing blunt knife-edges over the stained carpet stain.

§ Glue, since it is highly adhesive, can be removed by wiping the carpet with an alcohol swabbed cotton ball or soft cloth.

§ Gum or wax can be frozen with ice over it and shattered with a blunt object such as a spoon. Vacuuming should then be done immediately after to prevent blotting of the pieces into the carpet.

§ Nail polish can be removed by rubbing the area with a nail polish-dipped rag.
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