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Why You Should Use Hot Water Extraction As Your Carpet Cleaning Method

Hot water extraction is one of the best carpet cleaning methods. It uses pressurized hot water extraction process, which uses a combination of high water pressure and hot water to increase the rate of reaction. Hot water extraction method is considered to be the best carpet cleaning method in Singapore. This is because it cleans out each and every dirt particle that may be found in your carpet. When properly used, the method leaves your carpet looking fresh and shining. A carpet is what makes your room look elegant and colourful. It can be used in both your living room and bedrooms. The carpet should be thoroughly cleaned so that it does not lose it’s beauty. There is no doubt that if a carpet is clean and dust free, it brightens your rooms. That is why this method is the best method of cleaning your carpet. The method will not only clean all the dirt present in your carpet, but also all the germs that may be present.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction process
A good number of companies in Singapore use this method to clean mats or carpets for their clients. The process involves hot water and cleaning agents that are propelled into your carpet at a very high pressure. This helps to loosen up any dirt or soil. In the same motion, a high power vacuum removes the hot water together with all the dirt and stains that have been washed away. To fully clean your carpet and make sure that it is as clean as new, you need to put the carpet through steam that is at a temperature of 120 degrees which will clean and sanitize the carpet completely. The steam is generated from very hot boiling water and it is used as a secondary means of washing the carpet. However, it is important to note that even though steam is a secondary means of carpet cleaning in the hot water extraction method, it is very vital and you can’t afford to ignore that step when cleaning your carpet.

Machines used in hot water extraction method

There are two types of machines that are used to clean carpets using the hot water extraction method. They include the portable machine and the truck mounted machine. The portable machine is small and easy to carry and is best for cleaning small carpets. The machine can generate water and steam hence making it easy to mix the detergents. The truck mounted machines is best used to clean big carpets or mats. The machine works by inserting water and detergents deeper into your carpet and with a very high pressure. Its vacuum for removing the hot water and all the dirt is also very superior. It removes all the moisture and detergents that are in your carpet, leaving you with a very clean carpet. This definitely means that it cleans deeper that all the other machines.

Hot Water Extraction

Advantages of using the hot water extraction method in cleaning your carpet

1. Cleans your carpet thoroughly

Cleaning your carpet using this method will give you the best results since it cleans your carpet thoroughly. The other methods like dry cleaning and shampoo only cleans the surface of your carpet and not the inner fabric. The use of this method will ensure that your carpet will look clean and neat. The best thing about hot water extraction method is that the steam used in secondary cleaning goes beyond the surface of the carpet hence cleaning the inside fabrics thoroughly.

2. The means of cleaning is environmental friendly

This method does not use very strong chemicals to clean your carpet. It involves the use of hot water power. People with allergies will also not be affected if they use this method. As such, this is the best method to use when cleaning your carpet so as to protect the health of your family members.

3. Production of residues

When you use other methods to clean your carpet, you may find some small pieces of residue remaining. The worst thing is that in some cases the smell of the detergent that you have used to clean can remain in your carpet. This can be very disturbing if the smell of the detergent that you used is not appealing. If you use this extraction method, there will be no residue remaining in your carpet. It will remain as clean as new and also smelling fresh.

4. Harmful chemicals

Hot water extraction method will increase the durability of your carpet because it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals to clean. Some of the chemicals that are used in other cleaning methods remain in the carpet and in most cases, they attract dirt from shoes making the carpet to be dirty again.

5. Moisture evaporates quickly

Moisture left in the carpet when cleaning using this extraction method evaporates quickly than when using ventilation or air conditioning.

Hot Water Extraction

Disadvantages of using hot water extraction method

Even if this method is the best and safest method cleaning your carpet, it also has got some of its disadvantages. Below are some of the disadvantages of using hot water extraction method:

1. Operators of the machines needs to be well trained because the machine can only be handled by someone who has skills. This means that not just anyone can decide to buy the machine and start using it. You need to be well trained on how to use it for it to work as required.

2. If the machine is not properly maintained, it will incur high maintenance cost. You need to handle the machine with a lot of care so as to avoid any additional maintenance costs.

3. If the machine is not in proper working condition, it can result to over-wetting problems. Which means that you will need more time to dry your carpet than the usual time needed.

Hot water extraction method is the best method to use for cleaning your carpet in Singapore, be it in hospitals, homes or offices. This is because it removes even the smallest dirt that hides deep inside the carpet. You will also save your environment from pollution and at the same time live in a clean environment.
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