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How To Remove Urine Stain From Mattress

At one time or the other, every home has to deal with the removal of urine stain from a mattress. This is a common occurrence given that most homes have either small children who are still yet to cease bed wetting or in some rare occasions elderly people who have a challenge in holding their bladder when they are asleep. Urine has a very sharp and disturbing smell and hence it ought to be removed completely from the mattress in order for the house to smell fresh and clean. Below are some useful cleaning tips that one can rely on when they set out to rid urine stains from their mattresses back at home or in an establishment.

Remove Urine Stain From Mattress

Materials Required

Before setting out to consider the materials that will be required to execute this work, it is important to note that there are two ways that one may use to get rid of these stains. One can either hire the services of professional cleaners or do it themselves. If you are going to do the cleaning all by yourself, then these are the materials that you will require to have. You will need a spray bottle but not necessarily, paper towels, white vinegar which should be distilled and baking soda. These materials are easily available in your home and hence one does not need to purchase new ones to achieve their goal.

Steps to Follow

You should first of all identify the areas on the mattress that are mostly affected by the urine stain so as to pay extra attention to them during the cleaning exercise. You should then proceed to saturate these areas with the vinegar using the spray bottle if you get hold of one. Using the spray bottle is advantageous in that you will not over saturate some areas and leave some areas dry like if you use the pouring method. The vinegar ought not to be diluted as the strong straight vinegar comes in handy when it comes to eradicating the foul smell of urine.

You can let the vinegar sit there for about six to around ten minutes. You can hasten this process by either opening windows to let some wind in to the room or by using a fan. The fast air blowing helps in speeding up the whole process. It is important to note that if the stains you purpose to remove are still fresh; they should be blotted first using the paper towels. This should be the first step to take before getting to saturate the stains using vinegar. It is also important to note that during blotting, the pressure applied ought to be minimal in order to avoid pushing the urine deeper inside.

Step 2

After the 10 minutes are over, you may proceed to step 2. This involves soaking up the vinegar by using the paper towels you have at your disposal for this task. The paper towels could be arranged in a layer to ensure that as much vinegar is soaked up with every push applied on them. You should continue with this exercise until you are certain that the area feels almost dry.

Remove Urine Stain From Mattress

Step 3

You should then take your baking soda and ensure that you sprinkle it uniformly on the mattress. Ensure that the big clumps of baking soda are broken into smaller pieces for maximum effectiveness. The baking soda ought to be left sitting on the surface for the longest possible time as the more time it sits there the better the end results will be. After the long duration of time (probably 2-5 hours), you will be able to notice that the baking soda cakes up. This is an indication that it will have soaked up the vinegar you had saturated on the surface in step 1 above. The baking soda does not only take the vinegar away but also the foul smelling urine odor.

Step 4

This step involves vacuuming away the baking soda from the surface on to which you had sprinkled it. Ensure that you do a thorough vacuuming job to ensure that all the baking soda is cleared from all the crevices and corners. This will leave your mattresses without any trace of urine stains but for those that may not have disappeared completely, you could still repeat the above steps this time ensuring that you really rub the vinegar deeper in to the stains. Using a toothbrush could be effective as it may rub the vinegar deep into the hard-to-remove urine stains.

Using a Chemical Based Stain removal product

In case the urine stains you seek to remove are a bit old or large in size and hence difficult to remove using the above method, you may resort to using a chemical based product. You should conduct a research on the best chemical product to use for the removal of these stains in order to get the best results. The procedure to follow is almost similar to the one above. The chemical product ought to be mixed with water first before it is applied on the stain surface. The mixture is then left sitting there undisturbed for some hours depending on the extent of the stain. Another solution mostly made from gentle peroxide is then poured on the same surface of the urine stains. The solution works by changing both the urine odor and stain into a gas that is evaporable which is made up of oxygen and water. After drying the area in open air, it is then vacuumed thoroughly leaving the stained surface clean and free from odor.

Points to note

There are various points that one ought to note before they embark on removing urine stains from their mattresses. Fresh urine stains are not subjected to the above stain removal methods until they are either air dried or removed by blotting using paper towels. The amount of stain remover used on the mattresses ought to be equal to the estimated amount of urine that could have penetrated through. A long-term urine stain could sometimes have spoilt the mattress fabric and hence no amount of stain removal methods or chemicals used could cure the situation. You should always allow the mattresses to air dry after removing the urine stains from them thereby allowing air to freshen them up. Lastly, you could use a small amount of water to clean up the residue left after the odor and stains have been removed. The water should then be blotted away using paper towels. Residue that is left over could attract dirt and therefore it is important that it should also be removed.
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