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Carpet Cleaning

There are different types of carpets, and every one of them requires different cleaning methods. This makes sense when you consider that some products may be excellent when used with some materials, and destructive when used with a different material.  Think of cleaning products for house. Some products that are used for cleaning the toilet, if used for cleaning metal surfaces will corrode them. It’s similar with cleaning carpets.

Carpet Cleaning

It’s all about proper maintenance and care. Just like in life, think off how many times you were tired after lunch and said alright I will clean the dishes later. Of course, a couple of hours passed and the dishes required intensive cleaning, and if done on time it would have been easier and more effective. It’s the same with carpets, and everything else you encounter in life.

Furthermore, clean carpets carry another benefit and that is concentration, because a clean house will keep your focus, and your work and life will be better manageable. It makes sense, right? Think about an apartment or house that is dirty and full of things all tossed around. You won’t be able to focus inside and will lose a lot of time on some chores that would have been done more effectively in a clean house.

These are the most common types of carpets regarding their material:

· Wool
· Nylon
· Polyester

It is important to understand that most of the carpets need the same cleaning methods like:

· Vacuuming
· Cleaning
· Drying
Furthermore, different types of materials require some additional cleaning agents. And if you’re in doubt contact the experts and ask them.

Carpet Cleaning

Wool carpet cleaning

Wool is a great material, it’s soft and cozy. If you have a wool carpet, here are some useful tips for cleaning:

Take your carpet in the backyard, terrace, or on the window if it’s small. But always try to take it outside and put it on a strong branch that is near the ground or anything else that can serve as a carpet holder. If the carpet is small you can just shake it with your hands until all the dirt doesn’t go away. Put a shirt over your mouth and nose, and if you have gaggles or glasses take them because the dirt will be everywhere. If the carpet is bigger take a carpet beater and beat that carpet for as much as you can. Once you finish beating the carpet bring it back inside and vacuum it. After vacuuming you can take a bucket of water, a sponge and add some liquid soap. Sponge the carpet thoroughly. Rinse with water until all the soap is gone. Dry it well. Put it back on its place. If the carpet still has some dirty spots call the professionals.

Nylon carpet cleaning

Nylon is the easiest material for cleaning, and it is quite resistant. The most important thing with nylon carpets is to us cleaning agents that have a pH less than 10. Otherwise, you may bring harm to the carpet and its resistance.

Let’s go through some useful methods for cleaning nylon carpets:

You can do the same as with wool carpets, shake them off. Afterwards, vacuum them thoroughly. Now it’s time for washing. You can use liquid soap like with wool, however, you can also use a wide variety of other agents. This includes apple vinegar mixed with water, club soda is also known as an excellent stain removal agent, not just for agents, it also removes moisture.

Polyester carpet cleaning

Polyester carpets are easy for maintenance, and if you have this type of carpet, maintenance will be easy. Although, to be fair, if done on time, everything can be clean. Polyester is cheap, and it also has great resistance to stains. Nylon and polyester are similar, the only difference is that nylon is more durable and therefore it’s more expensive.

To maintain a polyester carpet:

· Vacuum once or twice a week.
· Clean with some agents (check that they are polyester friendly)
· Rinse and dry.

Carpet Cleaning

More information about cleaning


Vacuuming can be done properly or sloppy depending on how you do it. A lot of people don’t pay attention to vacuuming and they rush it so they can get to other things.  Here lies the common mischief, because cleaning quicker usually isn’t faster. Let me explain this. Firstly, you will probably miss on some parts, like corners or just the intensity of vacuuming. This will require vacuuming it again sooner than you would need if you vacuumed properly. Secondly, it doesn’t take longer to vacuum it thoroughly if it’s done properly. You just need to vacuum it up and back and the effect will amaze you.


Depending on the material of the carpet use different cleaning agents from liquid soap to lemon, apple vinegar, etc.
Take a bucket and pour water (1-10 l) and add a desired amount of cleaning agent. If you’re not sure about the amount needed, always add less. It’s easy to add more if needed. Take a sponge and sponge the carpet intensely. When you’re done sponging it rinse it thoroughly and let it dry.

Be careful with your carpet

Try not to eat over your carpet and don’t carry a lot of liquids with you at once. A carpet may not be seen as one of the important things in our life, but it does add the much needed warmth to our home or office. This is why we should take proper care of it, as in everything in our life. Carpet cleaning can be a funny event on a nice sunny day. The whole family can get outside and clean it. You could organize rewards, water fights and many more. Everything can be interesting in life if you have the right approach and motivation.

Of course, you can always call the professionals to clean your carpet if you desire so or if the stain is problematic, but if you can do it try it out. For an example, Tolstoy, a famous Russian writer was a Count and he loved to chop wood, and do chores even though he had enough money to purchase all that he desired. It’s sometimes better to act alone, it does offer confidence, satisfaction, and this kind of events can bring people closer.

You never know what can happen on a nice sunny day when you’re cleaning your carpet.

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