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9 Myths on Carpet Restoration

Carpet restoration can seem like an incredibly difficult thing to do, but if you contact a professional steam cleaning expert, you should be able to get your carpets restored with no fuss or difficulty. There are many myths about carpet restoration out there, so here are the top 5 to avoid.

Carpet Restoration

Vacuuming once a week is enough

One of the most common myths about carpet cleaning is that vacuuming carpets once a week is enough to maintain carpets and protect them against the harm that debris can cause. However, the Environmental Protection Agency actually recommends that homeowners vacuum on a daily basis. This might seem excessive but particles which settle into the carpet such as dust, pollen, soil, can cause all sorts of problems if not cleaned up quickly. Removing this debris sooner rather than later can extend the life of your carpet by many years.

Steam cleaning is not good for carpets

There is more than one carpet cleaning method practised by a number of carpet cleaning providers but steam carpet cleaning method is the only one to be recommended by all manufacturers and industry bodies such as the IIRC (Institute of Inspection, Restoration and Cleaning Certification). Steam carpet cleaning is the only technique capable of removing all of the contaminants from carpets. Other methods such as dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning can actually cause more damage to your carpet than good.

Deodorizer keeps carpets fresh

Technically carpet deodorizing powder does keep your carpet smelling fresh and pleasant but it is not worth the damage it can cause to your carpets. The deodorizer is made from talcum powder, which can become stuck in the carpet pile, and then makes its way into the backing and underlay, never being completely vacuumed up. Once you do hire a professional carpet cleaner to come and carry steam carpet cleaning, the surface of the carpet will become covered in large white stains.

Flooded carpets can dry out themselves

Obviously carpets can dry out by themselves or with a little help from yourself, but ideally water damage needs to be treated by a professional carpet cleaner. Water damage can start causing mould and mildew between 48 and 72 hours after the flood, and once this time frame has passed, the carpets can no longer be treated and will need replacing.

Carpet Restoration

Carpets need replacing after pet soiling

If you have a young puppy or kitten you will understand the struggles of toilet training them, and you will know that accidents do happen. One of the biggest myths associated with carpets is that once a pet has soiled one the carpets, they need completely replacing. This is not necessarily true, as in extreme cases you will probably need to replace the carpets, but if accidents have happened on the odd occasion an enzyme pet odour remover could do the trick.

A lot of people ignore the importance of cleaning their carpet at the end of their tenancy period and leave it as it is. In most of the cases, these people fail to retrieve their bond money as their landlord thoroughly goes through the stains and dirt on the carpet even if you try to cover it up so carefully. Well, don't be deceived by the appearance of the carpet as because the dirt remains hidden under the thick fabric and to make sure it is clean, professional assistance is required the most.

While a section of people makes the mistake of going by the appearance of the carpet, some of them believe that DIY methods are safe and efficient than spending money on the professionals associated with carpet cleaning in Melbourne. The prime reasons behind such misbelief are surely some myths and misconceptions related to the idea of professional carpet cleaning. Therefore, it is essential for you to know whether the delusions are real or not to make sure you can hire the professionals without any doubt. Here are some of those that are considered to be the most common ones.

A carpet needs to be cleaned after five years.

There is nothing as unwise to think that carpets are required to be cleaned when it is two or three years in constant use. Rather, it should be thoroughly cleaned once in a year to make sure the carpet fabric remains in good condition, and accumulated dirt is cleaned up. Moreover, the spills are required to be removed and cleaned up instantly to make sure the fabric does not get stained.

Steam cleaning is harmful to the carpet.

Another common misconception regarding carpet cleaning is related to the heat. A lot of people has a perception that carpet fibres are not resistant to heat and therefore it can get burned up if direct heat is given on it through steam cleaning. Well, it can only happen if you give the responsibility of steam cleaning to any unprofessional who does not have the necessary training to adjust the temperature and carry out the cleaning without any flaw. Other than that, it should never cause any problem.

Carpet Restoration

Professional carpet cleaners charge the moon.

Firstly, you have to remember that carpet cleaning is not something that only rich people can afford. If you can afford to have a carpet spread on your floor, you ought to maintain it with proper effort. Extensive research on the internet will let you get relevant information about a lot of companies that are providing their services at a competitive price. It's better not to go for the lowest price as they may not have the correct equipment or experienced experts on their team. Find out a company associated with vacate cleaning that can assure you of reliability and affordability and go for it without a second thought.

Stain proof carpets do not require any cleaning.

A lot of people tend to fall for the marketing tricks and end up investing a lot of money on the carpets those are marked as 'stain proof'. However, no company has ever come up with 'stain proof' carpets that remain free from dirt and debris. Therefore, no matter which carpet you are planning to buy, make sure you keep some of your money aside for annual carpet cleaning sessions.

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