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Persian Carpet Maintenance Tips

Persian carpets are normally used to improve the elegance, beauty and artistic looks of a home better than any other rug. But to maintain this elegance you will have to take special care of these special carpets. In this situation you must know the tricks for effective carpet maintenance. Some Persian carpet maintenance tips are provided in this write-up to you in maintaining the looks of your unique carpets.

Persian Carpet Maintenance

Flip the carpets:
Fringes on the ends of Persian carpets easily get tangled and twisted with time. So to de-tangle these fringes you should flip the end of the carpet instead of combing them as it can damage the natural fiber of the fringe. You can easily straighten the fringes in a natural manner by flipping the carpet’s end. This can be done either by shaking the carpet gently or taking one end of the carpet over the other end.

Rotate the carpets regularly:
You can also maintain your Persian carpet just by rotating it frequently. Though experts suggest to rotate the carpet after every 1 or 2 years but people usually rotate them after 1-2 months, especially when they are used in high traffic areas. It will give your carpet a uniformly maintained looks as it will evenly distribute the wearing of the carpets.

Block exposure to sunlight:
The colors of your Persian carpets can fade up dramatically with time due to exposure to direct sunlight. You can prevent pre-mature fading of you carpets by blocking their exposure to the sunlight as much as possible. However, if it is not possible then you should rotate them frequently to let them fade in a uniform manner.

Regular vacuuming of the Persian carpets, especially in high traffic areas, is necessary for the maintenance of their natural fiber as it can pack down if not raised by vacuuming. You can also prevent tearing or running of the delicate fiber of your carpets by vacuuming them instead of beating them with a beater bar.

Manage the spills:
The cleaning of stains caused by spills is necessary as it can easily develop into stains as well as stubborn stains if left unattended. You should also avoid to use bleach, soap or any normal carpet cleaning product on your Persian carpets as they can also adversely affect its fibers. Instead of using any cleaning product you can use water to clear out these stains. If you fail to remove stains with water then you can talk to professional carpet cleaners to find an effective way to get rid of those stains.

Persian Carpet Maintenance

Reduce traffic to avoid stains
: You can also avoid stains on your Persian carpets by keeping your shoes away from them. Moreover taking shoes on the carpet is not logically right if you have pets and crawling children in your home. Taking shoes on any kind of carpet can increase the risk of health dangers and stains caused by accumulation of grime and dust particles.

Use padding:
people usually use a padding underneath the Persian carpets to provide them stability, reduce the chances of wrinkles on them as well as providing them stability. This padding can make it comfortable and easy to walk on the carpets along with increasing their value.

Keep the pets away:
It can be very disastrous for your Persian carpets if you allow your untrained pets to use your carpets as they use them as a chewing toy, a scratching pad or a toilet. The urine of your pet can damage the physical structure of your carpets as it can damage them by discoloration and rotting etc. Even if you have well trained pets in your home you should keep an alert eye on them to avoid any misuse of your carpets. You can also use various types of chew toys for dogs or scratching posts for cats in your home to train them effectively.

Stop infestation of moths and other pests:
In order to maintain the looks of your Persian carpets you should stop the infestation of various types of pests in them as the larvae of the moth and other household pests can damage them extensively. Though moths do not eat carpet fiber but hundreds of larvae produced by the eggs laid by female moth on the carpets can damage its fiber by consuming it. The excessive infestation of pests can form a cobweb like covering on the damaged area of the carpet,

Change the settings:
In order to reduce the wearing in one area of the carpet you should change the setting of your furniture after every 6-12 months. It will change your pathway on the carpet which will increase their life along with distributing wearing in a uniform manner.

Wipe down:
Many people beat the Persian carpets every now and then to give them a refreshing look. It can be safer to wipe the surface of the carpets with a sponge or cloth damped in cold water. It will not only remove dust particles from the surface but also give a fresher and cleaner look to its fiber.

Persian Carpet Maintenance

Some golden rule for carpet maintenance

Instead of getting panic you should act fast to start cleaning the spills on your Persian carpets. Instead of waiting for your guests to go to start cleaning spills as most of the stains can be avoided or removed if cleaned immediately with the occurrence of the spill.

Always use white towel, cloth or paper towel instead of colored cloth or paper towel while cleaning the spills to avoid the passing of their color to the carpet.

Scoop out the food or liquid spilled on the carpet as soon as possible with the help of a spoon instead of pressing it down into the carpet while cleaning it.

While removing anything out of your carpet you should never use a knife as it can damage its pile.

While removing out a stain from your carpet you should never brush or scrub it as it can worsen the stain as well as increase the risk of damaging the dyes and structure of the carpet.

Thus, by following the Persian carpet maintenance tips provided in this wrote-up, you can easily maintain the fresh and elegant looks of your Persian carpets.

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