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How To Find The Right Couch Cleaning Company in Singapore?

How To Find The Right Sofa Cleaning Company in Singapore?

Are you looking for the best sofa cleaning service? In this article, there are several factors that should be considered when choosing the best service for cleaning your sofa. It is important to find a high reputable company that can help you clean your sofa easily. Choosing a good company is very important especially if you do not want to get your sofa broken or damaged. Here are some of those important factors that should be considered when hiring a professional cleaning service.

1. Procedure

This is one of the most important factors that you should consider when hiring the best couch cleaning service. Make sure that you choose the best service with proper cleaning procedure. A good company usually uses safe cleaning procedures and cleaning agents in order to keep your sofa clean. Try to avoid any company that uses dangerous chemicals and harmful cleaning agents. Those dangerous substances are able to tear down and damage your lovely sofa. Some dangerous cleaning agents can cause some health problems, such as asthma, skin irritation, or any other allergic reactions. That is the reason why it is very important to choose a good company that does not use any harmful chemicals in the cleaning process.
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2. Trained Personnel

It is also important to look at the best company with trained personnel. You have to make sure that you only hire professional and trained personnel. A good sofa cleaning company usually has experienced and qualified personnel to help you clean your sofa effectively. Choosing trained personnel is very important to make sure that they do not damage and tear down your favorite sofa. Most trained staff are going to take care of your sofa very carefully. This step is very important to minimize the risk of damaging your sofa.

3. Price

This is another important factor that you should consider when choosing the best sofa cleaning companies in Singapore. There are a lot of sofa cleaning companies operating in this country. However, not all of them have the best price available for you. Compare all available options in order to get the best price available on the market. Price is not the only factor that you should consider when hiring a good sofa cleaning company. You should also consider the quality of the company. Make sure that you get the best sofa cleaning company with the highest quality and lowest price available in this country.

Those are several factors that you should consider when choosing the best sofa cleaning service in Singapore. If you want to get the best service, you should try to visit This company provides the best sofa cleaning service for all people living in Singapore. It has the best cleaning procedure that does not use any dangerous chemical substances. This company also has some trained personnel that can help you clean your sofa and couch effectively. Many people love using the service from this company because it is relatively cheaper than any other couch cleaning services in this country.
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7 Ways To Remove Sofa Urine Smell

There are many upsides to having children and pets, they fill your life with love and good memories. However, there are certain downsides to having these things in your life, urine on, in and around the sofa is definitely one of these downsides.

Caring and cleaning for people and pets is a very rewarding thing, but being practical and knowledgeable about some tips and tricks in terms of home improvement is essential in keeping your sofa’s looking and smelly fresh.

There are many Singaporeans in many different situations that would be interested in learning how to remove the urine smell from a sofa. Parents of young kids, carers of people with special needs, dog or cat owners all need to read this article!

Using Vinegar

Vinegar is the best kept secret for cleaners and homemakers across the world. You may be thinking, inegar smells just as bad as urine!’ But you are wrong, vinegar breaks down the uric acid that is found in urine and strips away any previous smells or residue with smelly odors. If you locate the pee-patch, then make sure you try and remove the urine with a cloth or rag beforehand, the less urine in the sofa the less urine the vinegar has to deal with.

Once the patch is dry form excess urine, make a solution in a spray bottle consisting of one-part vinegar to four-part water. The vinegar and water mixture neutralizes and counteracts the ammonia in the urine, removing the smell. Once the patch is wet with the solution, then dab the patch with a dry sponge that you have no problem throwing away afterwards. If the smell is very persistent, then add more vinegar to the solution so it is three-part vinegar and one-part water, and repeat the process.

Vinegar baking soda carpet cleaning

Washing Detergent

If you have removable covers on your sofa, then begin by removing the fabric from the cushion underneath. The cover that has urine on it should be hand dabbed with a newspaper to remove any excess urine residing on it. Once this is done, leave the cover to soak in the sun. Once dry, pour washing detergent that has a powerful smell directly on the patch.

Leave this to soak for twenty minutes and then put it on a hot wash for a forty minute cycle. The hot water and the washing detergent mixes together and flushes out the odors and urine residue from the fabric. This may seem like an obvious option, but sometimes the best solutions are the most obvious ones.

Enzyme Cleaner

This solution is a favourite of many housewives and has been tried and tested many times. Enzyme cleaners use nonpathogenic, good bacteria to break down stains and unwanted smells. The enzyme cleaners are proven to be safer for humans and the environment compared to other chemical products.

Dry the stain with a newspaper or paper towel, blotting th stain, not rubbing it. Once it is dry, then spray the enzyme cleaner generously onto the stain, do not be shy with it, it needs to be really soaking with the cleaner for it to fully work. Leave the solution working its magic for fifteen minutes until it has soaked into the fabric. Afterwards, blot with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture. If it is a particularly smelly stain and it has not worked completely, then repeat the process.


Baking Soda

Once you have found the urine spot and removed the sofa covers, then blot or dab the stain with a dry cloth, removing any moisture that would still be on the surface of the fabric. Next, lay the cover down on the floor or a flat surface like a table or desk. Pour baking soda over the affected area, covering all of the stain and the edges.

The powder will extract the urine from the fabris, removing the stain and the smell. Make sure to use generously, the more baking soda you use the better! Leave it alone overnight or for 24 hours if the stain was very bad, and wipe away or vaccum up any leftover baking soda.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has strong antibacterial properties that will break down the smell of urine. Firstly. Blot the stain with paper towels, soaking up as much moisture as possible. Once one paper towel is wet, then replace it with a dry one.

Do this until you feel little or no urine left in the sofa fabric. If the stain is old and has dried into the fabric, then wet it with warm water and begin the blotting process. Cut 12 lemons and squeeze the juice out into a bowl using a lemon squeezer. Add a table spoon of salt to assist with the breaking down of odors and stains.

Once the mixture is well mixed and a good thick consistency, then you can begin scrubbing the stain using the lemon juice solution with a sponge. Leave it soaking for fifteen minutes after you have finished scrubbing and then rinse off the area with warm water.

Hydrogen peroxide

When using hydrogen peroxide, make sure you know whether or not your sofa fabric will be bleached by the chemical, so maybe a test beforehand on the fabric would be advisable. When you see the stain, dab it with a dry cloth or paper towel until it is dry.

Once dry, mix a cup of one-part dish soap one-part baking soda and two-parts hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to use the solution within the hour of making it as hydrogen peroxide loses its potency quickly. Pour the mixture over the stain generously, using the entire solution, Leave it soaking for 24 hours and then rinse with hot water and vacuum thoroughly. If the smell persists, repeat the process.

Dab With An Old Rag/Leave In The Sun

Ok, this may not sound like the most reliable way to remove a smell, but it has been known to work if the urine has not soaked into the fabric too much. Thus, this is for people who are proactive and locate the problem area very quickly.

Almost immediately after the urine has touched the sofa, make sure you remove the removable sofa cover, and stand on the problem area with an old but clean rag or cloth. The pressure from your weight will force the liquid out of the material and into the rag. Afterwards, rinse the cover with cold water and leave the cover in the sun to dry, the sun coupled with the clean water should remove any remaining urine residue on the sofa cover, leaving you with a sofa cover without the smell of urine!


There are many different ways to clean a urine stain and remove the odor left behind. In all of these methods, an important part is locating the stain quickly and whilst it is still wet, as the urine will not have soaked into the fabric too much. As long as you get to the stain quickly, you should be fine!
I hope you have found this article helpful and interesting, your sofa may benefit in the future!

8 Reasons Why You Need To Steam Clean Your Sofa

A harsh sofa cleaner might clean your sofa to perfection. But it is going to affect your family health and indoor air quality. We normally use chemicals to clean our sofa and to get rid of the germs, bacteria, and allergens. However, some cleaners cause allergies or worsen the existing one. Chemicals can affect your skin, airway, and eyes. It can be more harmful to your little one and pets. Therefore, you should always choose a safe sofa cleaning solution such as steaming cleaning. Steam cleaning is widely used to clean sofas. It offers endless possibilities. A few of them are:

• Completely natural

• Cleans heavy stain from fabrics

• Dislodges incrusted dirt

• Protects your family from air pollution

A steam cleaner can clean your sofa more efficiently and effectively. In fact, you can use steam cleaning for most types of sofas. They will kill the bacteria and allergen without affecting your indoor air quality. If you are looking for more reasons to consider steam clean your sofa, you can go through the followings.

Sofa Steam Cleaning

1. Cleans Fast

Steam cleaning will not take long. It offers fast cleaning than any other type of cleaning methods. You might be thinking stream will bring moisture and that will damage the fabrics of your expensive sofa. But in reality, there will be only five percent of water in the hot steam. This will not affect your fabric. Instead, the high temperature will kill the bacteria and allergen.

2. Fast Drying Up

It cleans fast and even dries up faster. The hot temperature will dry up all the moistures during the cleaning process. You will not have to take extra effort to dry up your sofa after cleaning. Your sofa will evaporate the moisture. With hot temperature, you can ensure even quicker drying.

3. Easy Usage

The key benefit of steam cleaning is easy usage. You do not need to hire professionals. It will demand less time as well. You just need to buy a quality steam cleaner and then follow the instructions to clean your sofa and other things in your home. Steam offers a fast and easy solution. You just need to use steam to get perfect cleaning. You need to pour clean and fresh water into your steam tank. It will be ready to clean your sofa within thirty seconds. The high temperature will break down the grime and kill dust mites and bacteria. Some steam cleaners come with advanced technologies and intuitive controls to offer a fast and more effective cleaning solution. You cannot expect such a fast result from any other cleaning methods.

4. Environmental-Friendly Solution

If you are looking for an environmental-friendly cleaning solution, you should not look beyond steam cleaning. It is environmental in nature. You can say that it is the best alternative to deep cleaning. No chemicals and harsh ingredients are required to get a complete cleaning. Only clean water and your steam cleaner will serve the purpose. In addition, it does not demand much pressure to clean your sofas. You can clean your sofa perfectly without causing air and environment pollution. As it is not using any chemical and complicated process, it will not cause any health complication. Your sofa will be ready to use soon after the cleaning. There will be no discomfort and irritation. It will look fresh and new. More importantly, it will not affect the fabric of your sofa. Yes, you need to be careful while choosing the temperature.

5. Optimal Cleaning

You might be thinking that steam cleaning will not offer deep cleaning. People have this perception since steam does not use any chemical or cleaning solution to clean a sofa and other things. However, steam offers deep cleaning. It will eliminate airborne allergens, dirt, dust, grime, and bacteria. So, you can expect optimal cleaning with steam cleaners. But it is important to choose the right steam cleaner to ensure that it is designed to clean your sofa and other furniture.

6. Safe Cleaning

Steam cleaning is absolutely safer than any other types of cleaning. The added benefit is that it will kill 99.99% of bacteria without using toxic and harmful chemicals such as ammonia or bleach. Steam does not cause ozone layer abuse as well. It only requires heat and water to clean your sofa and home. You will get the required cleanliness without experiencing air pollution and chemical residue. Also, steam offers superior cleaning power. The cleaning will be completely safe for your young children and pets. All these benefits make steam a surest, safest, and greenest cleaning solution for your sofa.

7. Kills Allergens

People with allergies should always choose steam cleaning. It will offer a natural solution and will not cause any kind of allergy and respiratory problem. Steam will only use water and steam to remove dirt and grime from your sofas. Steam also kills fleas, dust mites, and bugs. The dust mites cause allergic reactions to humans. By killing dust mites, it will minimize your exposure to those allergies and will contribute to your overall health. Steam cleaning will protect your kids from developing allergic reactions. Early exposure to allergies might cause respiratory problems in the future. You can prevent this risk by steam cleaning your sofa from the early days of their life.

8. Affordable Solution

In addition to the above benefits, steam cleaning can save your money in a great manner. If you hire professional cleaners to clean your sofa, you will have to spend money regularly. They will use chemicals that will affect the quality and longevity of your sofa. You might need to replace your sofa when damages are visible. Also, if you consider cleaning on your own, you need to buy chemicals and some tools. Without the proper knowledge of usage, you will not only damage your expensive sofa, but you can also pose healthy complications to your family. You can avoid all these by buying a steam cleaner. There is no doubt that you will have to spend upfront. However, you will not have to spend extra on chemicals and other cleaning solutions. This will save money in the long run.


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