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Will Carpet Shampoo Damage My Carpet?

Carpet Shampooing
Will Carpet Shampoo Damage My Carpet?

Looking for carpet shampoo service? Living in Singapore usually means living in small apartment flats, so homeowners usually compensate on comfort and style for the lack of space. This is why most people use carpets for their floors. Carpets give your feet a soft surface to walk on even on your bare feet. They also add as a décor in homes if proper designs and colors are chosen to complement other furniture and accessories. A small space will look better if you choose a light colored carpet because it gives the illusion of continuous length and width. The only problem with carpets is they do soil in time, especially if you have pets in your homes.

There are many ways to clean a carpet, depending on the amount of dirt to remove. For occasional spills, you can simply blot a cloth that has been soaked on a cleaning solution on the specific area. Do take note that you should simply blot and not scrub heavily or that particular area will look worn out compared to the rest. Vacuuming regularly can remove dust and soils from the carpet too. However, in due time, there will be a need to thoroughly clean your carpets to make them look good as new. There are two ways to do this:

-Steam Cleaning - This is also known as hot water extraction because hot water mixed with a cleaning solution is blown into the carpet and then vacuumed off, taking with it all the dirt from the carpet.

-Carpet Shampooing - This uses a buffing machine that releases the carpet shampoo and rotates to scrub away dirt from deep down.

Is Carpet Shampoo Bad for Your Carpet?

Between the two methods, carpet shampooing provides better results as the scrubbing action really takes away dirt that has adhered on the carpet fibers, as opposed to just vacuuming it. However, some homeowners are afraid that the carpet shampoo used could eventually damage or make the carpet look worn out. Carpet shampoos are formulated so that they target the dirt yet are gentle to the carpet material. A simple answer to the above question is no, a carpet shampoo will not damage your carpet. In fact, it can even liven up the look of your carpets and renew the fabric color. Further, they also sanitize your carpets to kill any molds or bacteria that have been thriving on it. This is a very important consideration in carpet cleaning, beyond just wanting it to look good and new. Inhaling these molds can cause health problems, especially to kids.

If you do notice some damage on your carpet after shampooing it, this is most likely because you did the process wrong. Carpet shampoos are properly labeled to advise users on the correct dilution. If your prepared solution has a higher concentration than recommended, then you could damage your carpet. Carpet cleaning also requires sufficient time to let your carpet dry. If you bring your furniture back in before your carpets completely dry, then the residual moisture can cause your furniture to rust, which will then transfer to the carpet. If you are not sure on how to properly operate a carpet shampoo and prepare the cleaning solution, it is best to leave the job to professional carpet cleaners.
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