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Can Carpet Hot Water Extraction Remove Bad Smell?

Carpets are one of the common investments most people make in an aid to improve the interior design of their living areas. This is because carpets enhance the look of the floor and also protects it from wearing. Unfortunately, the carpets are very delicate and can easily absorb pungent smells. These bad odors can make your home unliveable and visitors may find it hard to stay in the house. It is important to remove any foul smell from your carpet as soon as possible before it spreads to the entire house. Hot water extraction is one of the ways used to remove bad smell from carpets especially if the odor is intense where minor procedures such as baking soda are ineffective.

Can Carpet Hot Water Extraction Remove Bad Smell?

What causes carpet odor

There are various elements that can lead to bad smells in carpets. Some are bought from the store with an unpleasant odor which is a characteristic of many new carpets. This can naturally fade away through repeated vacuuming and airing. The installation appliance like glue may also cause unpleasant smell which will similarly fade after a few days. However, if the odor is too strong, you should be looking at ways of removing it by contracting expert services and advice so that cleaning does not jeopardize the quality of your carpet.

Some of the causes of bad smell is carpets include the following

• Pets – Pets can accidentally relieve themselves on the carpets from time to time. The liquid will get absorbed quickly into the fibers of the carpet and this can result in foul smells. Additionally, pets carry dirt and moisture from outside when they get into the room. The accumulation and reaction of both will definitely result in bad odors. Those who have lived with pets for long may get used to the smell and fail to identify any difference. It is important to use fresh nose from a trusted friend to tell you whether there is any strange smell in the house.

• Spilled water and debris – Spilled water will seep into the carpet fibers and initiate destructive processes which can result in rotting, decomposition, delaminating among others. Such processes produce foul odors. Similarly, particles and debris accumulation will result in rotting.

• Mold and mildew – These of course thrive in humid areas especially where there has been water activity. Mold will destroy the carpet quality as well as floor and they can also result in health hazards. It is important to effectively dry any spilled water as soon as possible.

• Smoke – Smoke will generally be absorbed in various surfaces and may result in unpleasant smells within the house. Airing and vacuuming should take care of such odors.

Can Carpet Hot Water Extraction Remove Bad Smell?

Advantages of hot water extraction in removing bad smell

Hot water extraction is very effective in removing bad smells particularly the persistent foul odors produced by decaying matter and pet excretions. Most people choose deodorizing the room with sweet-smelling scents although this only masks the smell. It is important to identify the cause of bad odors and ensure it is removed before deodorizing and disinfecting. Since there is likely to be staining where the odor's source is, hot water extractions perform both cleaning and smell removal.

Hot water also helps in killing mold and their cells thus mitigating their effects and preventing further multiplication. When seeking carpet cleaning and bad smell removal, you should choose a professional contractor who has the required equipment, technology and trained personnel to carry out the task. Ineffective service from inexperienced low-skilled personnel may lead to further damages and loss of investment. It is also necessary to contract the cleaning services as soon as you note the foul smell in order to prevent extreme intoxication.


Bad odors can be very irritating and some people may experience mild allergies as a result. The growth of mold may also cause serious respiratory problems among other health issues. One should therefore immediately identify any unpleasant smell and clean it. Smaller effects can be easily removed using simple procedures involving baking soda and water although some carpets and tile floors should not be exposed to such chemicals. Pungent burning smells may imply a critical stage of rotting or decomposing which requires professional handling to prevent infections and contaminations. You should seek expert services for carpet cleaning and foul smell removal which may include the use of various procedures including hot water extraction.
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