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6 Ways To Keep Carpet Smelling Fresh

Ever been in a situation where you have invited guests in your home and majority of them are twitching their noses or trying to make excuses in order to leave early? If you have been in a situation where you have carpets that smell bad, then you need to start exercising proper care in order to ensure that your carpet as well as your home smells fresh. Pets are adored by family members but they can be nuisance especially when they pee on the carpet or bring along dirt and mud from the outdoors. Urine stains not only leave mark on your carpet but also emits an odor that is unpleasant to the nose. If you would like your guests to enjoy their stay in your home then you need to know about the 6 ways of keeping your carpet smelling fresh always.

Carpet Smelling Fresh

Vacuum regularly

Pet hair, urine stains and mud are some of the things that cause your carpet to emit an odor. The best way to eliminate the above is to vacuum your carpet regularly. If you are busy with other activities such as office work or online business, you can create a schedule of vacuuming twice or once every week. To ensure that your vacuum cleaner picks all particulate matter from the carpet, you need to purchase HEPA filters. This will ensure even the tiniest of dirt particles are eliminated from your carpet therefore leaving it smelling fresh. Use a lightly scented carpet cleaning powder to help eliminate deep seated odor. You can also use baking soda as it will help to eliminate the bad odor before and after you have vacuumed your carpet. You can also make your own home made carpet freshener. All you need is baking soda, dried rosemary, lavender and other dried herbs of your choice. To make the home made air freshener, mix baking soda and the dried herbs in a bowl and every time before you start to vacuum your carpet, sprinkle a tablespoon of your freshener on your carpet. The dried herbs and baking soda will help to absorb the odor and also ensure that your home smells fresh.

Remove shoes before getting into the house

Majority of rooms in the house that are carpeted usually receive a lot of traffic especially from family members, guests and pets as well. Walking in our shoes for the duration of the day especially during a hot day leads to our feet sweating. Even though one is wearing socks, the sweat is absorbed by the material which creates an odor. Stepping on the carpet with dirty shoes or socks will lead to the odor and dirt sticking on the carpet therefore making it to smell. The best way of ensuring that the carpet does not smell, is to politely ask your family members and guests to leave their shoes by the front porch. To make your home look stylish, you can simply have a shoe rack designed and made. Place the shoe rack on the front porch and you can request the guests and family members to place their shoes before they enter the house.

Clean any spills ups immediately

Coffee, juice and wine are some of the stains that when left to dry, will emit an odor that will be unpleasant in the house. To eliminate this, you need to clean any spills that occur immediately. First step is to blot the area where the coffee, wine or juice has stained using a paper towel. Proceed to use a microfiber cloth with baking soda or vinegar mixed with water to eliminate the stain completely. You can also use a clean microfiber to absorb the moisture from the carpet completely or you can vacuum until the area has dried completely. Cleaning any spills immediately they have happened will help to prevent staining and an unpleasant smell.

Use area rugs

Rooms that receive heavy traffic such as the kitchen, living room, stairs, lounge and the dining area among others and they have carpets installed, you need to place area rugs. The area rugs will prevent dirt and other particles from getting to the main carpet therefore making it dirty. You can purchase the area rugs from a local store or an online store and pick the colors and design that match the style of your home. The best thing about the area rugs is that they can be washed easily therefore ensuring that your home stays fresh.

Deep clean your carpet

Pet stains and other dirt particles usually root themselves deeply in the carpet fiber which makes it hard for the owner to eliminate them. Even though one is using a powerful vacuum machine, majority of the particles will continue to exist deep in the fibers of the carpet. The particles over time will start to emit an odor especially if there are organic particles that are decomposing. To eliminate these deep seated dirt particles, as a home owner, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Professional carpet cleaners have powerful machinery that can help to eliminate deeply seated dirt particles. Steam cleaning is one of the best methods that professionals employ to help eliminate deeply seated dirt particles therefore ensuring that your carpet smells fresh always. It is highly advisable to actually steam clean your carpet twice or even more times in a year.

Clean your pets

Pets shed their hair very often which sticks to the carpet fiber where they love to play and also on the furniture. They also play outside with your children and as they troop inside, they carry with them dirt particles which finally are left on the carpets after they have rested. To eliminate shedding of pet hair from your pets, you need to clean them regularly. Weekends are the perfect opportunity that will allow you to clean them therefore ensuring that they no longer shed on your carpet. Clean their feet each time they get into the house. Although it seems too much work, it will help to ensure your home smells fresh always.

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