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Types Of Carpet Cleaning You Should Know

At some point everyone takes a look at the floor, they walk on and decides that it needs cleaning. Usually, that means sweeping and mopping but sometimes means a lot more. For carpet, you may find yourself vacuuming. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping is all great upkeep cleaning methods. After a year or two, your carpet needs a deep cleaning by a professional, that's where local carpet cleaning companies come into play.

Carpet Cleaning

Tile and grout build up lots of grease and grime. Most of the time dirt will be noticeable in the grout lines but effects the tiles more than what is noticeable. Mopping will help prevent this buildup over time, but with regular traffic on the floor it's unstoppable. Tile and grout cleaning can take many hours and be a real pain in the butt.

Once again, the carpet cleaners usually do hard floor cleaning as well. Within a few short hours they can have your tile and grout looking new and if you want, have it sealed to protect it.

With a proper carpet cleaning, most pet hair and human hair can be removed from our carpets. You would be shocked to see what a floor scrubber breaks loose from the carpet.

The high heat and strong vacuum provided by a truck mounted carpet cleaning unit will not only sanitize but kill and remove unwanted germs and bugs. Then soiled dirt carpet will return to color and be much more pleasant to look at and walk on.

Each of these types of cleaning my cost but compared to the cost of replacement or the many hours of hard work it would take an ordinary individual, it's well worth having a professional clean it for you.

And if you keep putting it off, it will only get worse and eventually permanently damage the flooring. Damage may be grout deterioration, damaged carpet fibers, permanent discoloration, and other costly and unpleasant things.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning requires extensive training and experience to get the stains out of the carpet and extend the life of the carpet; there is no room for amateurs. Many types of methods vary from one Company to another. Depending on what type of fiber the carpet is made up of, the cleaning methods vary.

Another important factor to consider while a carpet is the amount of traffic, the more the movement, the more the required.

Despite this being a wet vacuum method, removing dry soil is done through pre-vacuum method. Steam cleaning goes through some stages that include pre-spraying, treating stains and spots, hot water extraction, etc.

Shampooing is another method where the carpet is shampooed using a circular brush that creates foam that is later removed via vacuuming. Bonnet can also be termed dry. It is done using a combination of chemicals and heat. This helps break down dust and grime particles deposited on the carpet. The absorbent pads spin at a great speed collecting the soil and grim that comes their way. For cleaning purpose, the right cleaning supply needs to be used, and it is mostly chemical based.

The absorbent compound is another type of method where the agent is sprinkled on the carpet and made into a pile with the help of a machine. The agent is vacuumed clean after half an hour, and the soil that is deposited is removed.

Foam is done with the help of detergent. Foam is generated using a machine and using extraction vacuum method the foam is collected along with the soil that breaks up. The right type of services has to be used depending on where the carpet is laid. Types also may vary depending on the climate conditions.

Carpet Cleaning

Irrespective of the dust and dirt accumulated carpets need to be cleaned at least once in a year. This can ensure that the wear and tear of the carpet are reduced, and the age of the carpet is extended. Choose a professional Company to get the best results.

A contractor who is well adept at latest cleaning technology can prove to be far more effective when compared to those who subcontract the work. Regular training and upgradation can prove beneficial in the cleaning industry. With little research and reference, it is easy to connect with the right company.

The atmosphere and environment that the carpets are in while drying can have a major influence on how long they take to dry out. Steam cleaned carpets need good airflow to dry out so a windy day is perfect because you can open up the windows and let the breeze pass through the room. Contrary to popular belief, turning on the central heating and locking all the windows and doors will not encourage your carpets to dry out, and could cause mold and mildew problems.


The machinery used to carry out steam carpet cleaning can be the difference between your carpets taking a few hours to dry and a few days! Developments in technology have improved steam carpet cleaning, or hot water extraction, equipment beyond belief. Modern machinery can extract cleaning solutions at incredibly high pressures, leaving less liquid behind on the carpet than ever before. However, if the cleaner is using an old, out-dated machine, you could find your carpets much wetter at the end of the cleaning.

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