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Pros & Cons On Carpet Chemical Cleaning

Carpets are probably one of the more expensive things in your home. Maintaining a clean carpet is crucial for it to last long and to let in some sweet fragrance into your home. The benefits that comes with a tidy carpet are not debatable, but of a matter of fact, what is debatable is the cleaning methods applied. One of the most reputable methods of maintaining a superb clean carpet is by use of chemicals either through foam or in form of powder. Carpet cleaning practises which involve use of chemicals like any other carpet cleaning methods have some pros and also cons. Read on below for the major pros and cons associated with carpet chemical cleaning.

Pros And Cons On Carpet Chemical Cleaning


Effective in keeping your Carpet Dry – Unlike other methods such as hot water extraction, the aftermath of the chemical cleaning process is a dry carpet. The chemicals used mostly is in powder form and they are usually mixed up with other cleaning agents so that they work into the fabric of the carpet to ensure all dirt is removed while still not wetting your carpet preventing growth of mould and mildew which greatly shortens the life of your carpet.

Thorough Cleaning – Methods of cleaning that employ chemicals leaves the carpet very clean. For example, chemicals present in many cleaning agents remove dirt and debris whipping them into foam. The chemicals are able to reach the remote areas of the carpet through aid of carpet cleaning machines.

Efficient and Simple – Perhaps, chemical cleaning provides for the easiest way of cleaning carpets. Unlike steam cleaning which is labor intensive, this method just involve moving the carpet cleaning machine having the chemicals on the carpet swiftly and with less energy. Chemical cleaners are offer a lot of flexibility while cleaning thus promoting efficiency.

Superb Agitation – With the use machines, the rotating brushes provides excellent agitation which means that chances of dirt and debris left out are minimal. The fast rotating brushes and the applied chemicals work hand in hand to ensure that every dirt is removed with ease. 

Massive Improvements – There are many innovations made each dawn on chemicals to ensure their safety and to further improve their effectiveness in removing dirt. Currently, chemical polymer cleaners have been introduced which they are indeed a milestone to the chemical carpet cleaning community. They use encapsulation to trap dirt and debris. This technique leaves the dirt in crystalline form until they are removed. Polymer cleaners holds the future of carpet cleaning.

Vast area of Carpet is Covered – When using steaming to clean your carpet, probably you might not reach all areas. With the use of chemicals and associated machinery, you are guaranteed that most parts of the carpet will be cleaned due to flexibility involved. All stains including stains caused by pet droppings will not escape the great work of chemicals in any part of the carpet.


Relatively Expensive – The chemicals used are somehow expensive hence maintaining your carpet may need you to tighten up your budget. Use of water in cleaning of carpet is rather cheap compared to the use of chemicals. These reagents and the general equipment used for cleaning makes the method costly. 

The Residue is Dangerous – After applying chemical solutions to your carpet for cleaning, some of the powder may remain. The powder may be harmful to your children and pets. Furthermore, they make the house very dusty which may not be good for those people who are allergic to fine particles such as asthmatic people. 

It Has to Be Done by a Specialist – Chemical cleaning is not a DIY project which you can finish on your own. It requires a professional insured and licensed carpet cleaner to undertake the process partly because of the dangers of the all process and that not many home owners would find essential to purchase the required equipment. This also adds cost to the all process. 

Impending Danger of Piled powder – when the powder is applied and removed, it may not be completely removed especially in plush pile carpets and therefore builds over time. This may in turn reduce the life span of your carpet and the chemical may pose health threats to your family. That is why many home owners prefer to use steam cleaning irrespective of how demanding it is.

Generally, the use of chemical solutions in attesting to the problem of dirt and debris might be a good idea in maintaining clean carpets in all the seasons but research should be done more on the chemicals to foster the safety standards of families.

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