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8 Ways to Keep your Spa Carpet Clean

Regardless of how much effort you make at keeping the carpet in your spa clean, it will inevitably succumb to spills, accidents, and drops. Just the foot traffic coming into your spa alone could be enough to leave your carpet looking dingy and stained. To learn how professionals handle carpet cleaning to keep carpets looking new, read on.


Spa carpets have to contend with a lot, heavy equipment, continual traffic, dirty shoes, spills, continual streams of customers, and more. All of those things can leave your carpet looking faded and worn. Even so, taking a few preventative steps can help to keep your carpets looking good. Ultimately, it’s better to invest in occasional professional carpet cleaning and maintain your carpets to keep them in great condition than to replace them when they sustain major damage, which could prove to be a major expense.

1. Preventative Steps

Perhaps the most important step you can take toward keeping your carpets looking great is simply preventative care. For instance, position rugs both indoors and outdoors to all doors to your spa. Invest in quality, durable outdoor rugs that can stand up to the elements and be strong enough for people to wipe their shoes on before entering your spa. Indoor rugs should also be durable, although they do not need to be as heavy duty as the rugs you place outside. Rugs should also be used in any areas inside your spa that receive high amounts of traffic. This could include hallways and the lobby of your spa, since these areas are likely used the most and are susceptible to additional wear and tear. Long rugs can be particularly beneficial for hallways, while area rugs are good options for larger spaces.

2. Never Drag Equipment

Far too frequently, equipment is moved recklessly over carpet. While it is understandable that equipment must be moved quickly in order to meet the needs of clients, doing so can ruin the padding beneath your carpet. In some cases, dragging equipment across your carpet can even cause your carpet to tear or stretch. When it is necessary to move equipment, try to use plastic mats or rugs to make it easier to move equipment while also protecting your carpet.

3. Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Spills cannot always be prevented in a spa, but how you handle them can go a long way toward protecting your carpet. Always keep cleaning supplies on hand and easily accessible so that spills can be cleaned quickly before they have a chance to stain your carpet. If spot cleaning does not work, do not hesitate to bring in a professional carpet cleaning service. The longer you wait to have a spill cleaned, the greater chance it will permanently stain your carpet. Always pre-treat stains or problem areas. Make a point of blotting rather than rubbing. It’s also important to work from the outside of the stain toward the center. This will help to prevent the stain from spreading and becoming a permanent part of your spa carpeting.


4. Weekly Cleanings

Make a point of cleaning the surface of your spa carpet on a weekly basis. Take the time to move furniture and equipment out of the way to clean up dust, dirt, and anything else that may have collected on the surface of your carpet over the last week. A vacuum cleaner with a hose as well as attachments should be used to clean corners. Remember that debris can easily get trapped along the baseboards, so vacuum along there, as well. It might be tempting to avoid this, as it will take a little extra time, it should be kept in mind that when debris and dirt collect in your carpet over time, it can become even more difficult to remove it later. This is also a good time to spot clean any areas that may need it. Commercial carpet cleaning chemicals should be used to spot clean any stains.

5. Deep Clean Your Carpets on a Regular Basis

Surface cleaning can go a long way toward keeping your spa carpets looking great, but it is still important to perform regular deep cleanings. A high-grade professional carpet cleaner can helps to clean deep between your carpet fibers and remove dirt and debris in a way that a regular vacuum cleaner simply cannot. If you prefer, you may find it saves time to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to deep clean your carpets on a regular basis.

6. Use Baking Soda

With so much wear and tear, the carpeting in your spa may begin to develop a foul odor over time. The best way to combat odors in your carpeting is to include some baking soda in your vacuum bag prior to vacuuming your carpets. Baking soda is completely safe for your carpet and is excellent for removing most odors. Be aware that the sprinkling power cleaners directly onto your carpet could cause the powder to become embedded into the fibers of your carpet. Over time, this can cause your carpet to develop a dull appearance. Whenever possible, this should be avoided.


7. Spot Test Cleaning Solutions

Prior to using a new cleaning solution on your carpeting, always perform a spot test first. This should be done in a section of the carpet that is not noticeable should any type of discoloration occur.

8. Rearrange Furniture Frequently

Try to rearrange furniture and equipment at least every few months. This will give you the opportunity to fluff out dents in the carpet that may be caused by the weight of tables, chairs, or equipment. It’s also a good idea to rotate rugs so they do not become worn in the same sections over time.

While it is important to invest in professional carpet cleaning for your spa carpets at least once a year or anytime you see noticeable stains, following the steps listed above can help you to keep your carpets always looking great. Regular care can also increase the lifespan of your carpet and protect your investment.

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