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How To Deep Clean Your Carpet After Renovation?

So 2014 is gone, and you have just had your renovation, or you are planning for one in this new year. Many people tend to have new home ideas for a new year. In this new year, you might have had your renovation, and your house is set according to how you were expecting. After the renovation, things might look elegant, but one major drawback is that there would be some dirt left in the house. After renovation, you would mostly find dust scattered all over the house. One of the most common areas that are affected by the dust is the carpet. The carpet will accommodate all the dirt and dust that are as a result of the remodelling of the house. Yes, the carpet receives the most dirt at this stage, but it can always be cleaned. After renovation, the most recommended option for cleaning the carpet is via deep cleaning.

How To Deep Clean Your Carpet After Renovation?

Deep carpet cleaning takes a process to finish, and it also involves some stages. Spot cleaning will actually not do the perfect job for your carpet. You might spot clean your carpet, but when you come back, the next day, the carpet would be having some dark shades, compared to how they were. Also, you might decide to spot clean your carpet, only to find out how dirty the entire carpet is. For that reason, you need to have a deep cleaning option for your carpet. So for a deep carpet cleaning, here is a guide to help you with it:

1. Vacuuming

The first thing to do for carpet deep clean is to vacuum it. Basically, it is vital to ensure that you have vacuumed your carpet regularly enough. Before eh deep cleaning, you can try to vacuum it at least once, every week. This will help to minimize the dirt, dander and sand that have been embedded deep. Ensure that you have vacuumed the areas that experienced most of the renovation more. You should vacuum as more as three times, in order to ensure all the embedded dirt and dust have been minimized.

2. Go For The Stains

When you are through with the vacuum stage, the next thing that you need to do is to get rid of the stains. The stain cannot be removed by a standard vacuum, and you would barely find any vacuum that removes the stain. The stain could be brought about from the painting, or if there way the need of any oil or grease during the renovation. You will most likely find some spots of stains around the carpet after the remodelling process. This is one of the most challenging stages in the deep cleaning process.
Here, you would need to use some other materials, and they include the following:

• Vinegar
• Brax, and
• Salt
You will begin by mixing a quarter a cup of salt, with a quarter a cup of borax, and vinegar of the same amount. When you have mixed them, you would expect to have a paste. Apply that paste directly to the stains, or areas that have heavy soiled parts. Once you have applied the paste, you should then let it sit on the stain for some hours, until it as naturally dried. When it has dried up, then you should vacuum it the normal way. You could start by chipping off the dried paste using a flat metal like a chisel. This will give the vacuum an easier task, but most vacuums are powerful.

Deep Clean Carpet After Renovation?

3. Steam Clean

When you have removed all the stains, you will now need to go for the steam cleaner. For the steam cleaner, you would start by blending equal amount of vinegar and water. You will then add this mixture to your steam cleaner, the normal way you would add a cleaning agent. When the vinegar and water have been added, you can then add some drops of any essential oil. The essential oil will only help to ensure that your carpet doesn’t have the vinegar smell. In areas that receive more traffic, like around the corridor, or the stairs, you will need to have a more concentration of vinegar. Technically, vinegar is the main ingredient that helps in the steam cleaning stage.

4. Freshen Your Carpet

You may also choose to freshen your carpet as you are carrying out the deep cleaning. You may decide to let it have no odor, or you can decide to apply your own freshener. Suppose you need to freshen the carpet, here are some things that you might need:
• Baking soda
• Your Favorite Essential oil, and
• Borax
These ones will help to give the entire carpet a fresher smell. The few drops of essential oil that you had put in the steam cleaner might not really be strong enough to get rid of the smell. The borax is recommended for a house that have pets. This will help to keep the fleas away.

The baking soda should be one cup, then add a maximum of 20 drops of your preferred essential oil. The borax should be just a quarter a cup. You would begin by sprinkling the mix lightly on the carpet. The mix should then be left to sit on the carpet for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you can vacuum like you always do. This process should be done a dry day, when there is no wind or any distractions. It should be on a dry day, because the baking soda is not expected to pick up the moisture from the air.

5. Wrap Up

When all is done, you should let the carpet dry up completely, and when it is completely dry, you might then return your furniture and other items back. You can try to be more cautious, especially after the deep cleaning, since the process is very tiresome. Renovation might help you to have a better looking house, but it will leave your house dirty, and the main victim here is the carpet. Always ensure that you have all the furniture removed prior to commencing the deep cleaning process. Always use the right ratio of ingredients, and avoid using chemicals, because they would change the color of the carpet.
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